Let’s write verses,

and never read them again.

Photography-A Cow in the Hills.

Cow on a road in hills feels different. It represents calmth, resilience, and survival.

Qotd-Whom to disappoint.

Toxic people want you to pass THEIR vibe check desperately. Disappoint them always!!


By the time they think about getting started, you are already proud of yourself.

Be selfish.

How to deal with an utterly selfish family member??

Let them be selfish. Start being selfish yourself, about your energy-especially mental energy.

International Women’s Day.

Why didn’t I write anything about International Women’s Day this year??

Because it sounds so fake. People praise women for a day and disrespect them every single day.

Additionally, you will see misery of most of the people when they are jealous that why there exists a women’s day and why they are being praised.

Let’s celebrate every single day as women’s day in our personal as well as professional life AND don’t forget equality !! No gender- Women, Men, Transgender, Any Other, is superior or inferior.

Yes, of course !!

That guy 💜

Manifesting an intelligent handsome guy with zero hoes and an inability to lie.

Ex Diaries

Me- I am out of my feelings. Happy hoeing, bugs.

Him- As if I wasn’t doing that when you were in your feels.

(Ha haaaa.. )

#34 My Bestie

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Yes, Wholeheartedly.

The reason being, the things and people I put all of my efforts into and for, respectively, didn’t work at all whereas some things worked out for me without moving a finger. Some things are just meant to be that way.

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