My left brain and right brain are mostly in arguments like

Right brain: The moon whispered to me tonight “you are precious

Left brain: Shut up! That’s just a barren celestial body; rather do some work to be precious.

And that’s how logic eventually won in this little fighty-fight. 😂

Filter through.

If something very basic catches your attention and makes you think deeply about it, first, consider your old existing thoughts and principles regarding that topic in details. Most probably the thing that caught attention isn’t that novel and unique; it may just have reiterated what your sub-conscious mind already knows, and the idea was already within you. It can be literally anything, which I am leaving upto your imagination.


P.C.: Preet

If you ever have to read the calmth,

Run your eyes over every tip of a mountain.


Despite a few disappointments, you are still the undisputed king of my life, who loved me the most from amongst all the people I know, till date.

You provided us with every single thing we could ask for, Specially for me as I was never a demanding kid but you gave me everything without even me asking.

Your principles and philosophy are something I still hold close to my heart and abide by them because they are so humane as well as practical. The path you gave me for my career is something I think was and is always the best one for me.

I really cannot thank you enough for being an amazing friend, philosopher and guide and being there whenever I needed to be protected from anyone, be it from any family member or any outsider, and for making me stronger than I could myself be or anyone else could make me. You were a good balance of strictness and gentleness that any mature person could ask for in a parent. I still remember your words “Life is very tough out there. You have to ace being uncomfortable and tough” AND “even if everyone is doing it, you don’t have to do what everyone is doing. You are not them.”

I just wish you would have stayed much longer. I really needed you. I miss you all the time.


(First published on 20th June, 2021)

Quote: Source of mental energy of psychopaths.

Some psychopaths on internet be like “why the hell are you not fighting with me !! Aaarrrggghhh.. Who will save me now?? My energy is vanishing. I need to lick someone’s brain so badly !!”

Psychopaths gain mental energy from arguining and fighting with others. They try to suck the energy out of anyone with their toxicity whereas mentally stable people try to run away from unreasonable arguments and fights.

Mind-talk- One main Reason for not getting involved in a relationship.

Anybody can roam around, travel far off places and share giggles.. I also love this kind of vibe..But.. My need is different.. I know that I need to do boring work (boring for a lot of people, interesting for me usually but boring for me as well, sometimes) which is reading a lot including really boring documents, And it really gives me immense satisfaction as I am someone who loves mentsl pressure a lot.. okay.. So, my need is someone with whom I can be comfortable during my work.. Love, passion, and intensity are also required, but one thing I cannot compromise on, is my career.. Any normal person may feel like they come secondary in my life, and my career is always my first priority, which actually is false and can mostly be thought of this way by someone who is attention-seeking and just wants all of my time to himself. My career and relationships are on equal priority level; family, of-course, comes before them, but I am highly reluctant to engage with anyone because I have experienced that people just want that gooey type, all time giggles, attention seeking yet emotionally heavy and unsatisfactory immature relationship. I want something mature, in which, if my partner has to wait for me while I am focussed on my career, he has no problem in doing so. I want someone who has his own individuality so strong that he doesn’t feel insecure if the relationship takes a side position to my career once in a while. I am sure by experience that I did not neglect any person until and unless it was absolutely necessary as their behaviour was becoming a big hinderance in my career. For example, an important career boosting exam the next day or a day after and my darling seeking attention to his emotional highs and lows, not caused by me but by somebody else plus by his drinking problem. Can’t handle that shit ever again. That’s why I am reluctant about getting into a relationship.

What’s coming true for you??

By Preet

What’s the first thought that came to your mind when you read ‘Coming True’?? What’s coming true for you??

Intelligence and Knowledge.

The more you learn, the more you think you know nothing,

The lesser you talk about what you know, the more they think you know absolutely nothing.

Save energy against saving image.

Psychopaths and sociopaths usually think that the wholesome people can become the product of their distorted perception, and won’t act as the natural wholesome beings that they truly are. Mind you, such psychopaths live and die in their delusions and thoughts dissociated from reality only, so it’s almost next to impossible to change their thoughts about any wholesome person.

I have written this so that you can save your time and energy even if you want to protect the name of any of your near and dear one, or maybe of yourself, by not arguing and/or trying to ‘Change The Mind’ of any such psychopath.

Romancing like this.

“Let’s delve into this moment,

Let me breathe deeply

Holding you the closest

and longest

As I have never done before.”


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