Digital Art-Perspectives.

Honestly, I drew it without any thought and after looking at it a few times, different perspectives started striking my mind.

(Note: Kindly do not use the image or copy the concept. The copyrights are reserved by Preet. Thank you.πŸ™‚)

Now about then.

All the memories of us
are memories of my thoughts of β€˜us’,
mostly the memories we never made,
of all the moments we could have
and barely of moments we had.

I tried to put my feelings in words to you.
You understood them and left.
I am writing my feelings now,
You will understand them again,
but won’t be able to leave me
And anything else than understood.

I am flying like a kite
far away, in existence,
from you,
still strings attached
to you.
Needing to cut anything
that comes in my way,
till you pull me closer
and let me, there, stay.

Three of the short-poems that I wrote in 2018 for someone.

The one that I shared yesterday in the morning was also related to that one. I have to explain this because people perceive everything wrongly specially regarding what I say n do, although I am very clear about my words n actions. πŸ˜‚

Thought of the day

People acting like they care when they don’t,

people pretending not to care when they actually do..

Both are equally destructive to their relationship with others, their own mental health and the mental health of someone they are dealing with in that pretense.

Know the difference!!

Learn to know the difference between people going through a lot because of inevitable circumstances in their life And people suffering because of their own jealousy, envy, insecurities, ego, and misery.

You fool yourself, or should I say, they fool you, everytime you sympathise with the latter. The moment you elevate their ego, they leave you like you ain’t shit or give you crumbs to get you stuck in their MiseryπŸ”„Elevate Their Ego Loop.

I can only explain, choice is all yours. I can’t save others’ energy, nor I can deal with such people in the long run who are always into sympathising with inherently toxic people.

Just because some people do not use words that can make them look like a negative person, doesn’t mean they are not negative. Narcissists use this kind of facade the most.

People who are actually going through or have gone through some really rough time may not have expressed it in any way.

Stop encouraging masks of weak envious ones.

Digital Art-A Na-Real (Coconut)

A Priority

When we want us to be a priority in others’ life, we are not really making ourself a priority.


Single forever.

Being sapiosexual and demisexual is not easy. You can’t feel anything for about 99.9999999999% of the people interested in you; and then suddenly you come across a super-intelligent person who has sensitivity as well and you get attached to them emotionally somehow but you have no idea if it will ever work with them.

#storyofmylife #truestory

Should I laugh?? Nevermind. πŸ™‚πŸ˜‚

Beauty of souls.


When we meet people on a soul level, it’s rare not to find beauty in them.

Last message to an outsider πŸ˜­βœŒ

Never jealous, only inspired. I am doing better than you as well as my past self and I know it. My calmth comes from doing and not comparing because I genuinely feel that when I would start comparing with others what I do, then I would start ditching my purpose. Moving with purpose is my utmost priority in my work. There are things which take years to accomplish and I have many of them and a few are coming forth for sure, all of which are related to my purpose only, that I never tell anyone.

When we compete with others, we can go only as far as the other person has planned to go BUT when we are constantly trying to do better and better, then the sky is the limit.


I just hope that I can live peacefully after this.I know that comparing won’t stop but this is my only stance and I will act accordingly. PEACE OUT ✌❀

(You can see what I am sharing and writing everywhere i.e. on insta,fb stories,fb posts, wordpress, as you are already doing, I don’t mind at all. But kindly learn to be honest with yourself, where are you really going by doing all this stuff?? There is no growth in this behaviour. Also, you are not the only one who is having problems with me and is comparing too. There are people who have not done 1/4th of me and 1/4th of you as well who are feeling like winners on social media in their self-delusional one-sided competition (specifically women), I am letting them live in their delusional state of mind, so why would I beef with you at all?? Maybe it’s your own energy that wants you to beef with me that is making you feel this way and that’s for you to tackle with, not me.)

Thought of the day

When you pray on a daily basis that whosoever took and is taking you as an option be removed from your life, don’t grieve too much on those who abruptly get thrown out of your life. Universe has been delivering according to your needs.

I know being a human it’s really difficult to have a grip over emotions when you are wronged, deceived, taken for granted, unappreciated, made to feel not good enough, unworthy of pure love and/or misunderstood without obvious causes, but you can make it firm in your mind that that shit won’t slide again in your life and then you can give yourself all the time, attention, energy, and love you need.

If you can love the other person who did not deserve it, you can love yourself much more than that. Make yourself a priority, not only on this particular time period but forever. And one day you will be so glad that you didn’t give up on yourself and have healed from all the stuff that was meant to break you.

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