Photography:Dose of Happiness


Colours are one of my sources of deeply felt happiness. Although the picture is 2 years now old and these colours are done spent on the canvas, yet it somehow satiates my soul. ❤ No matter how much black and white I have to stay with (on papers), colours always rule my mind. 💫

Special hug.

That feeling, when someone embraces you with so much love and affection that even if you part ways you can’t forget that feeling of emotional security, I want.

Ponder Upon It Deeply !

People when you compare yourself with others,

Do Not Forget Your Age !!

I’d never ever tell a 20 year old that I am a post-graduate in law/political science/Ph.D scholar, earning this much and other bla bla things and thus I am better in career while according to the education system, that person can just complete graduation in arts/commerce/science etc. or can still be in the middle of doing law graduation according to their current age.

The same goes for money..Someone may be doing much much better than you according to their age and circumstances they had to deal with, while you might be just a drunk bully fighing with other people in that age. Most probably you can’t reach their level in your entire life, given their intellectual capacity and your incapacity.

Last but not the least, egoistic about physique?? (this one I am going to take personal) I lost 57 kg weight and it keeps fluctuating from time to time about which I feel no insecurity as I can reduce it as per my wish, while some people who were born skinny are still skinny and then they think they are better. I improved my physique manifolds through cardio as well as strength training, which really counts as growth whereas where do you stand?? Skinny to skinny?? Literally no improvement ! Can you even pick up the weights equal to your own weight?? Or just some people gave you validation for your unhealthy body structure and you took it too seriously and imbibed it in your psyche forever that it’s something to boast about??

Learn how to compare rationally (if you can’t live without comparisons) lest you are just proving yourself to be an IRRATIONAL NARCISSISTIC FOOL..!!

And to put everything straight in the end, I am saying it again, I am in no way interested in playing mind-games with anyone, being in touch with strangers in any way, competing, comparing, etc. I have too many things to do to even give a F about being attentive to what jealous strangers are upto, on a daily basis; leave alone competing. Your jealousy, your envy, your problem. You are burning daily, not me !! AND don’t try to project your insecurities and jealousy on me, I am not new to those tactics being used upon me by others. You are neither the first, nor the last one to project your negatives on me and surely on someone else too!!

Mask falls off.

I have seen some ugly spirits who are rude to others for no reason and preach everything that they have never applied on themselves, and here I try my best to dodge persistent provocation with cool behaviour, although I have a temper of going for killing someone in a milisecond.

Mask falls off eventually, no matter how hard you try to keep it on your face or existence.

You can’t fool people for long !!

Make-up woes.

I look like I put on a lot of make-up but in reality, I apply only lip colour most of the times. It’s not because I don’t like make-up, I actually love it! The only two reasons are- first, it takes time to do make up; second, you need to remove it before sleeping. (And I am too lazy for this unproductive stuff) 🙂😊😂😂😂 Joke apart (which is actually a reason as well) some chemicals are harmful to the skin, so, I avoid any kind of make-up as much as possible.

No advice to anyone through this post. Do as it pleases you.

My fellow-bloggers and readers must be thinking what dumbass things she posts sometimes; throw her out of wordpress. 😂🤣🤣

Protect Your Energy

A good tester by life

Expressing dark side of life is so important. I do it whenever I need to so that I can see who still stays; And when I choose not to express it, then life forces me to do it. The weak and fake ones fall off, only the strong and real ones stay !!

Not one-sided.

When I said I fell for my (former) best friend, I did not mean that it was one-sided; true love, yes, it was one-sided; but interest one-sided?? Naah..He was also interested in me. Infact, he also said that he had crush on me, after our first meeting. But he was actually lying about a few things after I fell for him. So, now I can never trust anyone who gets interested in me or chases me in any way. And as the time passed by, the dynamic that broke the connection was that he wanted me all by his side but he himself was straying around a few others as well.

Now, for my own sanity, I gotta keep distance until I am quite sure about someone’s intentions. Not that I didn’t have this mindset before meeting him, but I think that I had to learn the lesson of not being too soft-hearted with people, the hard way.

Pity 👎

Despite having many good neighbourers, there is always that filthy one, who holds grudges for years, that too, with a dead one from your family.


My Nature ❤💫


Intense feeling,

The utmost sincerity

in all situations, especially in love.

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