Woes of Time…

January was so Goddamn Busy, I was feeling like it’s already April on 1st of Feb.

February’s 1st day gone in a split-second, I am shocked that it’s already 2nd of Feb.

Anyone else feeling the same way??

Where am I from?🤔

When they ask you where are you from?? Do you have to tell where you were born or where you are living or where your parent(s) have been from?? I used to get confused about it but then I started telling about my birth-place and where I was and am currently living.

Otherwise, it goes back to the times when Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh were one state called Punjab (in India). Yeah, my grand-grandfather was from current Haryana, who later on settled in the outskirts of Patiala (Punjab) as horticulture was possible there, my grand-father was living exactly in Patiala (I mean not from the outskirts of it, and he made his separate property) who later on settled in delhi as well, given that he lived at many places in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh as well, my father and all of his siblings settled in Chandigarh but were born and brought up in Patiala only, and I am born n brought up in Chandigarh. So, I am basically from Chandigarh only.

For once.

A Teetotaller till date but I really want to drink my heart out and doze off in my love’s arms.

(not daily though.)

Thinker or Doer??

One month of planning to the minutest details can make your work done in 1 week when you put your plan into action whereas action of 1 month without sufficient planning can destroy one month of work in a day or two.

People who are mentally lazy and mentally weak won’t let you think this way, rather they would call the planners and masterminds lazy.

Thinking and action-orientation are not two options to choose one from. They can always go together, but again, under-thinkers and narrow-minded people will always put you under one or the other category.

Straight and clear.

Problem of many people while dealing with me is that I am clear-minded AF and they can’t manipulate me with their confused shit and it pinches some while feels like an attack to other uncertain weak-minded pieces of shit.

Changing the narrative!!

My astro pattern said “As much as you seek freedom, the forces to control you around you may get stronger”, so I changed the narrative to “As much as the forces around you try to control you, you become uncontrollable.”

Hatrr bitchiz can’t sty away.q

A particular bitch would come to my website to find out flaws only. Never appreciated even a single post. I don’t know why such a HATER BITCH (old man) can’t keep away and what problem he actually has with me.

I have lost the count of how many times this Stupid Fuck has come to my blogs only to find a menial mistake, and a few times he got the chance to find one and comment about it.

Should you control emotions??

Many people say that you need to control your emotions. Like there is a need to look cool, calm, and composed in front of others. They are not wrong, but they are not completely right either.

We need to feel emotions; and if they are intense enough to be a block to our rationality, they shall be released as well, and the sooner the better.

Releasing emotions may be done in various ways- Slow and steadily, indirectly, directly, fast and abruptly, peacefully, violently, in a mixed manner.

Do you need to release and regulate emotions?? Yes, but you do not need to either release or regulate them. Release and regulation are not contradictory to each-other.

Do you need to adopt a pattern/way to release/regulate your emotions?? No. Although, you may prefer to adopt a particular pattern but it’s not a need to stick to only one way/manner to either release or regulate those emotions.

Different situations and different people strike/evoke different emotions and they can be released and/or regulated in different manners; and a same emotion can be released in different ways at different times in similar situations.

The target is to soothe your mind as per your requirement keeping in mind your time and energy level and again having a good control over your amygdala.

Don’t listen to one-directional limited and closed minded people’s advice when it comes to subjective terms like emotions, feelings, love, life, success, etc. Your way is the right way until it starts interfering with others’ right(s).Any contradictory contention is welcome but uneducated beliefs and replies through senseless posts on instagram etc. are unaccepted and barred.

(Note: I wrote this 16 hours ago but am sharing now. Clearing this so that readers know that I am in no way starting/continuing a streak of banter with the GASLIGHTING SHIT-SHOW of a TOXIC BITCH on instagram and/or wordpress and/or otherwise.)


The problem with toxic people is that they are always watching you and also think that you are watching them too.

I would put blinders on even if you would be in front of me, leave alone seeing your drama on social media all the time.


Bitches really thinking they succeeded to their ambition by just barking on a page. No educational background. Not enough money. Only if that BITCH knew how much it takes to use brain for Some things that’s not even possible for that bitch in this lifetime to come close to even half of it.

Stupid failure bitch just Keeps barking about others ambitions without even knowing what the ambition is. Although if you put that bitch in that competition with you that BITCH would 100% fail in it.

Should I say less?? Naah.. Some BITCHES should know they ain’t shit to talk on something about someone. 🙂

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