Quote: My Depression

Difficult Path.

Did I choose a difficult path??


Am I doing justice to it??

Definitely Fucking YES !!

Is destiny doing justice to me??

Not at all. Not yet.

Insecure ones.

The way I make people insecure about Their Profession, without putting any extra efforts on my part, is crazy. What if I start talking about or acting my profession?? Where would they stand, I wonder?? Insecurity is ingrained. Jealousy has no medicine. And, I can ignore only as far as most humans can’t, but sky isn’t the limit in such cases.

Just one question from the universe- Did I sign up for dealing with a new mental leech every year in my life, before birth?? 🤔

I had never learnt before this that being kind to a stranger could have a price to pay as well.

Digital Art

Picture Credits-Preet. Kindly do not download or copy the image.

Strong energy..

My energy is too strong to contain,

can’t help it..

Mess with it though,

you will know..

Your hatred

You hate others because you hate yourself. There is very little probability of any other possibility.

Ignoring insignificant people.

For peace of mind, I Ignore; and when I do so, don’t provoke; don’t be clingy; don’t come here trying to walk back on burnt bridges; lest only you will fall..

Can’t fake it.

It doesn’t take much to say a few good words while having venom in heart against someone, for a manipulator; It may take me my whole existence to do so.

who are you, hun??

Overly dramatic people be like “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM !!!!!”

Me: Exactly. I don’t know who you are. 😂😂

Who are uuuuu??

Whosoever remembers me between 4-4:30 am, stop doing that. You have no idea how exhausing it is to sleep at 2-2:30 am and then wake up by 4:30 am for days in a row.. 😐😡

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