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A MAD BURNT BITCH taunts me about my talent as if I would stop doing it and showing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, you would be surprised to know that a MAD BITCH is jealous that I am making digital arts and uploading them on youtube as well.

So, here it is, another one!!


The Title of the Digital Painting is MOTHERHOOD. 💙💫


How likes on wordpress feel like??

Imagine someone enters your house and presses the bell switch on; you open the door to see who has done it, and that’s about it. 😛

Significantly, every like matters.🙂

Need a new word for this kind of *****

The problem with shit ass toxic B**ches is first they approach you with their shit vibe and shit intentions, then play the victim and the blame-game once you shove their misery up their ass, by accusing of something you never did. They go like – It hurts when someone says “___(any random phrase that they are projecting on you and that you never said)____”. What a low class miserable DRAMA. 😂😂 AND THEN SOME MORE BARKING TO ATTACK AND COMPARE WITH YOU. This kind of a BITCH tries its best to look better than you despite not being even half of you. POOR MISERABLE SHIT!!

Gladly many intelligent people can get it and you get its proof as well.


I tell you the difference between a backward person with a backward mentality who has come from a backward family AND a progressive person who has a progressive mentality and has come out of a progressive family.

A person whose family is mentally backward and from which not many people are highly educated and are mostly non-working in government jobs or corporate ones, when he gets only one job in his entire life, starts thinking that he is the king of the world, starts feeling entitled about many things, questioning the capability of others including strangers, whereas is highly incapable of comprehending anything properly, is extremely jealous of anyone who is doing better than him in many aspects of life.


A person who has come out of a progressive family whose more than half of the family members, specially females, have had at least 2-3 degrees in education and have worked in government as well as corporate jobs, thinks that he/she is not doing good enough in his/her life, does not question or taunt others much, stays humble (not in a fake manner but are too humble for what they bring to the table), despite having more qualification, more influence, more knowledge, much more intellect and capability than that backward former.

Progressive people don’t really keep an eye on other people’s progress and are not envious of their progress because they are well-aware of their capability and calibre, whereas backward people always keep an eye on other people and their every step and keep burning with envy from them because they are ignorant about their own incapability and ignorant about others’ capability, so they keep on taunting and questioning them to break their confidence whereas they themselves are below-average in IQ and intellect and a few more capabilities.

The difference is very clear and it all starts from the family’s progression or backwardness that gets imbibed in the mind of those persons.

Next time you ever read, hear, or see someone of that mentality and behaviour and think WHY SO GAWAAR?? Consider this as one of the biggest reasons.

PS- Trying to blow off someone else’s candle will not make yours shine brighter. You will stay in your misery forever, always burning with self-pity and envy from those who are better than you and who are doing better than you!!

Truth Be Told.

A Jealous Miserable Bitch stalks me and taunts me on something I couldn’t do because that BITCH is JEALOUS of what I can and am currently doing.





Imagine posting something to make me feel bad and I don’t give a damn to your existence, leave alone seeing what you are posting.

Imagine bitching about my lifestyle while me earning more than double of your income and living the way I want to- 10 times better than you.

Imagine grouping against me to make me feel alone or alienated and I don’t give a shit to any of them.

Imagine trying to be fake nice with me after and during keeping animosity against me and me faking it for a few seconds just like you did despite knowing what a piece of shit you are.

Imagine even after getting married being jealous of me and anyone I get interested in and trying to be a block in my life and then we both know you are a jealous bitch and we both laugh at you.

Imagine being a bitch against me and still craving for me the next moment.

(Different people may imagine different scenarios- because FACTS!!)

Everyone can’t be.

Everyone is a motivator until they have to actually comprehend situation right and talk sense.

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