Who said that??

A wise person once said, “Don’t let anyone know what you are doing until you have done it, and when you have done it, do some more. Let them wonder why you are so happy, stable-minded and content. Add only that one or those to your closest circle who earned it in your lowest times, and make everyone else wonder why you are so happy, stable and content and say no more and nothing more.”

Amongst all the things keeping aside as to why..

Let’s live in love,

and in love let’s die.

Do Narcissists VENT?

I love it when narcissists Vent openly on social media, for a small fraction of time, it feels like tables have turned. The way the victims want to talk their heart out, wanting others to know what they are going through or have gone through, and still being unable to let it all out because the intensity of the abuse they feel is unmatched with any words or any expression of it, it finally feels, that the relentless banter or the self-expression or uncontrolled trail of arguments by the narcissists against the psychologists or against the people who want to enlighten others against narcissism and bullying, is the way of narcissists for venting it all out about what they have or had gone through.

But.. Let me clear this. It’s a HOAX. Narcissists never vent. They do not have that much emotional depth in them. They do not think straight about how others may or may not feel about them. Actually, narcissists have nothing to do with what effect they may have upon anyone because of their actions. They love to abuse secretly. All of their so-called venting out is just a form of manipulation, the manipulation for everyone to see how bad or evil is a psychologist who has been making innocent people aware of the nature of a narcissist, and the trial of manipulation of the psychologist himself/herself so that they may think that the narc is innocent. So, narcissists do not truly vent regarding the real implication of the word, they just make it look like venting to gather attention and divert others’ attention from the real venting of the victim(s).

What life is like when you are bullied and gaslighted.


Read this brilliant article written by my fellow-blogger Cherie White. Her blog has many such informative and eye-opening blogs regarding bullying, harrassment and social stigmas. I love them all. They give me strength when I need it. I hope she will inspire you as well to stand up against bullies and stand your ground. Do visit her blog and check it all by yourself. ❤

To A Secret Hater.

Someone really needs to hear this..

Talking against education and educated people is not going to make you any better than them. You will stay in your ignorant pit just like a trash you have always been.

I am sure one day you will be begging for some required information from the same educated people and the same education that you keep talking against.

If you had any hint of courage in you, then you would have commented on my blog with your real identity, rather than being a psychopathic bitch whose account could not be reached, just to bully me.

Alas ! Coward trash like you is too much out there and I am glad that I am one of those educated and courageous ones that you can’t be even in the next 10 births.

This blog is in response to the psychopathic bitch, whose account really cannot be reached nor the real identity available. The link given in it is the blog of author with a Fake Name. The self-proclaimed Doctor/scientist without any degree in those fields really had a problem with my blog on educated people. So, this trash decided to bully me this way.


Cheerful Bug Playing With Resting Stones.

Cheerful Bug


On Colourful Resting Stones

Let me know how did you find the digital art and its hues and concept..
Thank you for paying attention..
Stay safe..❤💫
Live well..❤💫
Take care..❤💫
(Kindly do not copy the work or its CONCEPT. It’s called INTEGRITY.)

Over-smart people are always the LOSERS.

When I say education is important, I say it for a good reason.

A few uneducated or say, just barely educated dummies think that they can play with you just by blurting out non-sense.

What can an educated person do?? A lawyer or police officer or judge can become a worse criminal; a doctor can make a person sick; a psychologist/psychiatrist can make a person mad; a teacher can make students failures; a scientist can cause mass scale destruction..

My point??

My point is that that educated people can think both ways i.e. from their own perspective as well as from the perspective of people and things against which they are meant to work. It’s the ETHICS that they learn during their education and for their profession that they do not divert towards the other side-The corrupt side (although exceptions are always there); yet, it’s always the duffer Criminals and psychopaths who think that they can outsmart the former, Just Because They Are Duffers And Uneducated Enough Not To Know How Much They Already Do Not Know, and that’s where THEY ALWAYS LOSE.

No lemonade.

If life gives you lemons,

make pineapple juice,

drink it

ignoring lemons

for the time being

and throw them at people who grew them

to throw at you.

An Eye-Opener.


Anyone with an evil eye on me, may you turn blind DIE.

(Published on 16th june, 2021)