Showing someone the mirror.

When an ugly bitch can’t compete with you, then he starts discrediting and minimizing your accomplishments like no you can’t just because that bitch is an inefficient under-achiever and he needs to drag you down to his level to feel better and feed his ego.

I am usually humble with people who do not like to compete but a narcissistic bitch should know his place.

‘If I can’t, you also didn’t’ is the stupidest shit I have observed from a stupid dumbfuck.

Imagine a bitch stalking you to the T and hacking your email accounts, tracing your and your family’s phone calls and sms and whatsapp and instagram and what not and still ending up accusing you of not doing things that you have already done. This bitch is mad AF.

The only reason.

The only reason why someone loses and keeps losing is when that person moves with ill-intentions and impure motives and every other reason said, written or given by anyone is just a false statement and a fallacy.

That’s why I will never lose in anything because I move with pure intentions and no ill-will from my own side.

But it’s also true that I brutally disrespect and insult any person who moves with an ill-will against me.

My future partner be like❤💫

A man who can stay LOYAL, respectful, emotionally stable, LOVE DEEPLY and is KEEN to learn and explore more is top tier. This is the kind of a man I desire and deserve.

Otherwise, I have had enough experience with a couple of people who keep an eye on multiple people, abandon a few, cheat on almost everyone, yet tried to keep me as a safe option (for later) n all, and so insecure that even if I started having an interest in someone else from quite a distance (not even a hi or hello) they jumped to one of their abandoned or ex or whatever and fucked with one or another. So, it’s very clear that it’s a toxic dynamic and I deserve much much better than any such person and any such behaviour.


Imagine having a tight working schedule whole day. You come back home late at night, thinking while in your way to your home that you may not get to talk to anyone that late. You open the door of your home, and you see that your wife is waiting for you. She greets you with a kiss, gives you a good neck and shoulders massage and then you proceed to have a meal together or whatever suits you both according to the need of the hour, yeah even that(😜)!!

Rationality matters a lot!

How hard it can be to be rational, cool, emotionally stable, and a fighter all at the same time??

Very easy, when you are sitting in the same room with intelligent people who know how to talk, what to talk about according to the given situation, when to stay silent on something.

Be so in front of stupid people though, who are driven by agenda of just making you feel bad about yourself, you would definitely feel like kicking those dumbos out of the room.

Trying to make someone feel bad about herself who runs her life on facts, logic, and rationality is PLAIN STUPID (you are just a hater or a psycho).


Winner will keep winning. Bitches will keep burning. And no stupid fuck’s validation matters in that. Know your place and keep your mouth shut about other’s lane. Nobody gives a single shit to you about your beliefs about WINNING.

Some burnt bitches keep barking and manipulate me in weird ways to stop me like I have already not made it very clear that I never give any shit to anyone’s opinion.

When your stupid and dumb words don’t help me in achieving in anything and didn’t stop me from losing something, there is no possibility and probability that they can stop me from winning.

You and your words don’t mean shit and it will stay this way. Keep barking though because I don’t care at all nor respect or value your words.

Many of you (who are poking their nose in my stuff) are those insignificant people who are getting disrespected for not knowing your lane, manipulating a fighter to stop her from winning, and trying to be more important tjan you are while just trying to be a block like those loser bitches. (Getting disrespected in this post only though)


One thing is clear-All the SWINE FACED UGLY CHAPRI people think that they hold the authority to see your certificates and details of bank accounts by just being a BITCH in comments on social media.

This is what I call foolish confidence given to them by their parents just because they have one different chromosome. Doing one job when his whole family is GAWAAR is another reason, although he himself is a GAWAAR which is relecting from his thought pattern.

BITCH IS BURNT COMPLETELY, I can see from a couple of days.

But what to do with such LOSERS who are in DENIAL MODE that you are doing better than them.

Seems like I shoved cactus up their ass just by telling what I have already done. 🤷‍♀️

Imagine these street bitches knowing about your whole life. These same bitches lick feet of other people who have reached that stage begging for jobs, money, etc.


(I am not going to make any such update about these TOXIC BITCHES or THAT ONE TOXIC BITCH further because their psychopathy is incurable and you and I have things to do than dealing with their toxicity.)

Divine Partners

When you are a divine feminine who is quite in her feminity flourishing era, you meet your divine masculine who is not too masculine but is still quite masculine for you.

When you are a divine feminine who has her masculinity in equal proportion to her feminity, you meet an equally balanced divine masculine who has both of his feminine and masculine energies in balance.

When you are a highly masculine female outdoing masculinity of many men, you either meet and be with a man with an even higher masculinity or a man with higher feminine energy so that you both can heal each-other’s energies and come in balance individually as well as divine partners.

(I may be wrong on this one. Just a thought came to my mind.)


By now I am convinced that some people really deserved a hard tight slap on their stupid face in their childhood. Some need a few real tight slaps on their stupid bitch face in adulthood as well so that they can get their sense back (if they had any) where to mess and where not. (I can point out exactly who.)


Me: What’s your problem??

Him: I am a jealous bitch burning seeing that you are doing better than me, so I found a way to use another person’s account to Taunt you indirectly by tagging you under your comment in a way that you get that it’s directed at you.

Me: Ah..I see.. So, basically you are a completely ignorant and incapable burnt bitch who is also a coward which actually makes you a COMPLETELY IGNORANT AND INCAPABLE BURNT MAD BITCH. You can go to a mental asylum or to hell or you will be sent to both one day.

My all pity goes to your misery.

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