#28 My Bestie

Describe your most ideal day from begining to end.

As it has been asked about the ideal day, I am assuming that I can write about a dreamy day for me as it could be.

So, let’s start with the morning.. Oh, but I am lazy and cozy in the arms of my sweetheart under the sheets on a super comfy bed, having no desire to get out of this heavenly place-his arms.

After we are done being cozy that way, perhaps after making out as per our desire, without paying any heed to the time, we may decide to get out of the bed and get ready with comfy clothes.

Oh, did I say it’s going to be a spring season and the breeze is soft, slow, fresh and fragrant. After getting ready, going for a walk to the woods and inhaling the rawness and freshness of shrubs and listening to the chirping of the birds would feel great, and if there is a small waterfall, that would be a cherry on the cake.

Umm..Did I mention that we would be eating, while on the walk, fresh fruits and each-other? And when we are done eating (whatsoever), we may rest there and enjoy nature until evening.

Evening I want on a beach, where him and I are dressed well in a suit and gown, respectively. Champagne; slow dance; dinner, getting lost into each-other, every moment.

And then calling it a day in each-other’s arms, again, after a shower.

Well, that’s my ideal day.

(PS: This is not my honeymoon fantasy. Honeymoon is something I won’t even describe anything about as to what, where, how, and why. Shhhhh..Those days will remain secret..)


Affirmations are words that we tell ourselves to imbibe them deep into our mind and soul, so that we can manifest them into reality through actions and otherwise. 269 more words


Hey Lovely Peeps,

Here I am trying to revive my affirmations from the last year at the same time which somehow worked for me. I hope it may help any other person too..

Take Care..❤😍💜💖💫

Should you control emotions??

Many people say that you need to control your emotions. Like there is a need to look cool, calm, and composed in front of others. They are not wrong, but they are not completely right either.

We need to feel emotions; and if they are intense enough to be a block to our rationality, they shall be released as well, and the sooner the better.

Releasing emotions may be done in various ways- Slow and steadily, indirectly, directly, fast and abruptly, peacefully, violently, in a mixed manner.

Do you need to release and regulate emotions?? Yes, but you do not need to either release or regulate them. Release and regulation are not contradictory to each-other.

Do you need to adopt a pattern/way to release/regulate your emotions?? No. Although, you may prefer to adopt a particular pattern but it’s not a need to stick to only one way/manner to either release or regulate those emotions.

Different situations and different people strike/evoke different emotions and they can be released and/or regulated in different manners; and a same emotion can be released in different ways at different times in similar situations.

The target is to soothe your mind as per your requirement keeping in mind your time and energy level and again having a good control over your amygdala.

Don’t listen to one-directional limited and closed minded people’s advice when it comes to subjective terms like emotions, feelings, love, life, success, etc. Your way is the right way until it starts interfering with others’ right(s).Any contradictory contention is welcome but uneducated beliefs and replies through senseless posts on instagram etc. are unaccepted and barred.

(Note: I wrote this 16 hours ago but am sharing now. Clearing this so that readers know that I am in no way starting/continuing a streak of banter with the GASLIGHTING SHIT-SHOW of a TOXIC BITCH on instagram and/or wordpress and/or otherwise.)

A letter of goodwill.

I want to write a letter to an unknown person. Nah..not a love letter at all, even in the tiniest manner, but just to know if a connection can be made this way.

I would write a long random letter of goodwill and hope to someone for their future with whatsoever that would come to my mind and send it to an unknown address. Let’s see what would happen after that..

My name and address will be anonymous as well.

How did you like the idea??

Would you try this ever??

Notice keenly.

Notice how people go mad because you are not going mad; and how they are in pieces because you are in peace, even after you gave up on opportunities that they wanted to spoil.

Who actually succeeded??

Who got served by Karma?? BOTH !!

#26 My Bestie

List five things you do for fun.

  1. Killing people in my head
  2. Imagining that I am a vampire
  3. Talking to animals
  4. Communicating with aliens
  5. Lying.


Why do people on the internet feel entitled to know what exactly it is about that you said or did something and shared it on social media?? Just see or ignore and then go on with your life.


Just for once love someone for not what they are but who they are and how they are.

QOTD-To Empaths.

I know you are empathetic and all but that’s the first reason why you should keep a good distance from toxic people. You have the tendency to soak in their bad energy and then you feel anxious about the mixed feelings you carry inside of you.

#19 My Bestie.

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a youth. What became of it?

Books, Notebooks and Money (not lying).

Those books are still there in the cupboards of the top floor of my place (those which i did not donate to anyone); Notebooks-I don’t know what happened to them,may be they have been sold to a ragman (My hard-work put in homework during school times went in vain 😢); Money-It’s in bank, every penny I got in childhood n college I never used. I love those notes. 😂

Actually, I could not remember what exactly i was attached to in my childhood (something deeply), so I wrote this answer. I may update it later on if i ever remember what it could be. In reality, I was a highly detached child as detached as I did not even feel the need to get any clicks of my schools or colleges, thus, being attached to things was really not my thing. Even about any kind of gifts, I used to tell any elder to keep them in safe custody.

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