Let me be dreamy about you,

Maybe some day it will come true,

Meet me under the stars,

Till then, let me recollect some beautiful memories about you.


Since childhood I tried to make people so comfortable that I did hide a lot of my potential and reality in which I was better than them in so many ways just so that nobody would be hurt by it or feel inferior. For example, whenever any new teacher asked about the top 3 toppers to stand up to be acknowledged I didn’t stand up despite staying in the TOP 2 positions for 7 years. I didn’t let anyone know about my family’s property. I didn’t let anyone know about my own income. I didn’t try to show off my looks. I didn’t tell anyone about all of my degrees at once. I didn’t try to make even my ex’s exes uncomfortable in any way n tried to even comfort them, and the list goes on.

Now, when I reveal things without attacking, people still feel attacked and their inferiority complexes start coming to the fore.

SPECIFIC MESSAGE FOR A SPECIFIC B**CH- “Not my problem.. There is still too much in store. Stop stalking if you feel bad or inferior because of what I am and what I bring to the table. It’s not my duty to comfort people who are jealous and compete with me for no reason.” AND YES, I am so confident quietly that it unnerves a few people just because of my aura, and trust me 95% of the times, I don’t even need to show or brag about my achievements for that. Egoistic people with inferiority complexes compete with me and they will keep doing so, but have you realised that I have stopped reacting to that now?? You know why?? Because I am pretty confident in myself and I know where I am going.

So, CUTTING THE CRAP without even saying usually (it’s been months).

I seriously cannot make every low IQ, low EQ, and Spiritually Blind person think that how good I am with people who are equally good to me and be aware of my inner light.

Aaaannddd, I knooow it gets lonely at the level I am at but people like you will stay in Your Envy and Your Shit At The Bottom Only With That Shitty Crowd! (Keep bragging about having FAKESHIT people by your side that I eliminated myself from my life. The way you are using people to boost your ego makes your level right BELOW MY FOOT. LOSER DUMBO.👎)

😭 Pun..

How intelligent of me to think that either my phone’s audio or my ear-plugs stopped functioning while I didn’t even put the ear-plugs in my ears.


New blog

Quote-Happiness Matters The Most..

To whomsoever it may concern.

I have had chewed the hardest pills last year only,

Keep your shit to yourself now.

(Date: 24th march, 2021)


And if we can make it together,

What’s making the gap so wide?

(28th dec,2020)

Gap in blogging..

A gap of two years really puts you far behind where you could be in blogging. I had started the blog in the second half of the year 2017, and just after writing 4-5 blogs, I left the website untouched for about two years and began writing again in oct-nov, 2019. I had started writing on this website just because I wanted to try something new and blogging was one on my bucket-list at that time. I used to think that one could just write something like poetry or interesting blogs and leave it as that only. I had no idea that to progress in blogging one has had to be interactive with the fellow bloggers, until recently. But I have a dilemma regarding this. Does it really matter how much you interact or communicate with others on your blogs or you can let your blogs speak for you specially when you are not a talker?? The gap really did put me far behind where I could be by now, but apart from that, am I doing it the right way or not, this question really strikes me hard sometimes. I really want to enhance my blogging skills while not wanting to be occupied with it for a good amount of time, as even now, this is not my first or even 5th priority.

Things falling in place-Quote deconstructed..

Anybody who keeps on saying “everything will fall into place with time” actually has no idea what the fuck he is doing and he is trying to blindfold you, trying to make you a passive observer.

It’s your life. Take action. Do whatever the F you want. There is no need to wait for the things to fall into place. Moreover, think about it- which thing that person thinks would fall into which place?? Probably, nothing in your favour and everything in that person’s favour?? Because that person is living his life, and wants you to just wait for the things to fall in his favourite place !!

A genuine advice..

Please learn and then teach your kids the meaning of accountability, otherwise they will grow up as narcissists who feel entitled to talk shit by going to anyone’s account and upon being called up for their psychopathy, will laugh and try to blame that person to whom they were meant to be accountable. I cannot even describe how much incapable they will turn out to be, but surely individuals having a very low intelligence and emotional-intelligence quotient; Or don’t have children at all. Please do not increase the burden on earth. Some of us are into improving ourselves and others as well, and then come those narcissists who are ALWAYS BLIND to their own faults but prefer to call that person a narcissist to whom they are meant to be accountable for their pathological actions because they are a Pro at Blame-Games. And if you don’t know where you are going wrong, seek a psychologist/psychiatrist for yourself.