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Words you may need to empower yourself.

Story behind and bodily sensations during my Heat Urticaria-2022.

Okay, soooo actually I am in no mood to write about my Urticaria blues today. πŸ˜‚ Nevertheless.. I still am going to write because I told that I would, yesterday.

Let me talk about the reasons first- Lies and deception by someone whom I loved deeply, was the basic reason and the traumatic cause was that I got to know on 28th feb, 2022 that he got married in june,2021. I had no way and no outlet to express how I was feeling. It was to intense to handle and I was feeling extremely hopeless and helpless. I had already expressed all of my feelings for him to him long ago (in 2019) and due to differences, lies, and misunderstandings as well I had blocked him in 2020. But he was the only one whom I loved yet, so it was quite catastrophic for me to know about it and that he tried his best to hide about it from me for months as he didn’t update about his marriage anywhere public from where I could know, although hiding from me specifically could not be his intentions (I am just doubtful about it).

I literally had no way to express how broken hearted I was and it proved to be a complete nervous breakdown for me.

It’s not funny how deceptive someone can be who once told “we are best friends”, “I have a crush on you”, bla bla bla which now feels like BS only (because all lies).

I had no idea whether to cry or be angry or what, so I gulped it all down as it was the reality that whom I trusted so much and for whom I fought with almost every person was such a liar and a deceptive bitch.

So, from the first week of march only my immunity started to deplete and I began to have constant fever. I had no motivation to exercise or eat healthy or go out. I was being depressed and I knew it but still feeling hopeless about getting out of it. It went on for more two weeks and my skin started to feel itchy. It was more on the thighs and sides of the stomach first.

Ugh.. The itching sensation in urticaria is very hard to control. You feel like scratching the hell out of your skin and during that time I had very little control over my impulses, so I ended up scratching my skin drastically. It went on till the end of march and the skin on my thighs and stomach were wounded and scarred, although itching started to subside in those areas. It was kinda relief as I was trying to heal mentally as well or at least get a grip over my impulses. I was actually feeling like committing suicide before that and I had even talked about it to my bua that I had suicidal tendencies and the reason thereof and that I needed a psychologist at that time, but could not find a good one.

Then came the notification of Delhi Judicial Exams (lower judiciary). It was a hope as well as a stress enhancer for me as I got to know about the notification just two days before the closing date of forms submission and I didn’t even have 1 full month to prepare for it.

Now, I had fever on a daily basis which I thought was because of some infection. The worst thing I did was that I didn’t go and see a doctor. I gulped down a Paracetamol on a daily basis and kept on preparing for my exam like a robot, literally like a robot, as I didn’t want to feel my trauma. I had gotten my purpose to keep going but I had suppressed anger, frustration, and pain. Now, add to it anxiety and stress of the exam. Nevertheless, I kept studying for about 14-18 hours a day but in the second week of april, I started to have itchiness over my collarbone area, face, neck, back of the neck, and inner forearm. I thought that it would go away in about a week but it started getting intense and worse day by day.

Heat urticaria does not only give an itching sensation; It gives alongwith it burning sensation over the whole area like the whole red patch is wounded and it’s quite hotter than the temperature on the unaffected surface of the same part. Moreover, a sensation of pins being shoved inside your skin is constant. One cannot even sleep with that sensation. Think someone is poking several pins at different places on your skin contantly after a few seconds and that sensation doesn’t go away no matter what you do and out of a sudden you are feeling like scratching your skin. I literally felt like cutting off my left forearm or collarbone area’s skin.

I didn’t know what problem I had. I didn’t know the exact name. I was literally burning in hell from the inside and it wasn’t even showing from the outside to any outsider, until my eyes started to sink and my face also started to have rough patches of urticaria over my forehead, eyelids, under the brows, cheeks, and philtrum, although they were not deep, red, or having any warts. Face was itchy and dry.

I had constant headache alongwith constant fever and those urticaria prone sensations on the skin.

Then I decided to go to delhi 1 week before exam but couldn’t, yet reached there 5 days before it and the place where I was staying was calm and soothing to my senses. But there I got infectionπŸ™‚ due to poor contaminated quality of water of delhi although it was 24Γ—7 RO purified, still ordering food from restaurants might have caused infection.

I would like to add in this blog why I failed in the exam. My mental and physical health I have already described (throughout the preparation stage). Still I managed to read all the bare-acts cover to cover, 5 questionaire banks-each question attempted, a few tests online, legal gk book, 4 main textbooks- I mean about 20 books in a span of 25-26 days. The worst thing I did to myself was that I studied for about 17 hours a day before exam despite having fever and infection. Then, I thought I would sleep at about 2 am, get up at 7 am and would be able to reach the exam venue by 9 am. AND guess what?? I could not sleep at 2 amπŸ™‚ Even after trying my best to calm down, I could sleep at about 5:30 am only n got forced to get up at 7 am by my bua (paternal aunt) because if I didn’t then I could not reach the venue on time. But I was totally spent and literally had no energy to get up. Gathered some mental strength from the fact that I worked so hard for this, although I had no strength to move. Add to this, when I was getting ready I hit my foot on the rough edgy underside of bed and it started bleeding and I had no cotton ball πŸ™‚ by this time I was literally like “NEVERMIND πŸ™‚ I know I am going to fail in this but I am going anyway.” Forgot to take paracetamol and anti-biotic as well. Had some grapes and water and proceeded to the venue. Guess what?? They didn’t let me carry my water bottle inside because it was made of metal and it was written MILTON on it. I am sure I would have gotten many answers in a judiciary exam from the word milton (of course, a sarcasm). Then, they didn’t even have water provided on the third floor where my room was. I had to go down the stairs to the first floor again just to drink water. I was thirsty AFFFFF!!!!! The invigilator was so ignorant that she told me to go to the 1st floor for water although she could arrange it for me and actually there was a water cooler at the third floor itself (a sweeper on the 1st floor told me that it was there on the 3rd floor as well). At this point, I was telling god “YOU SERIOUS HATE ME! DON’T YOU??” Now, by this time every iota of energy from my body was spent and I was feeling heavy from sleeplessness as well. Questions in the exam were exactly what I read in those question banks (about 60%) but by this time I had forgotten everything. I mean I had forgotten all the informative and specific knowledge and I could attempt only those questions correctly in which I had to ‘decide’ according to given facts as those questions didn’t involve pressurizing my mind ‘to remember forgotten specifications’. How does all the hard-work goes in vain, one may learn from my life. 😐

Okay, then next, I had another judiciary exam exactly after 11 days aaaaand I had no motivation to study for it, although I did as much as I could but I knew it was not enough, so I didn’t take that exam although I was in gurugram for that exam only. It was by now the first week of may and the stay at gurugram kinda started healing me. It was a peaceful place, although their AirBNB apartment’s AC didn’t work for 1 day but they managed to repair its machine. (Why am I giving these details?? πŸ™„) I am giving these details because it was quite necessary for my heat urticaria to be in a room with low temperature on AC all the time. I had not studied 1 bulky act and 1 other act of the syllabus of that exam and I had no energy and motivation left in me to go for it, so I decided not to attempt it and saved my 1 attempt of the limited ones.

Now, in may, june and july, those skin sensations and fever were still there, although head stopped from aching and face’s itchiness and dryness had reduced little bit.

For face, I tried that mint oil+coconut oil+vitamin E mixture at home and calamine lotion whenever I went outside. Urticaria’s most drastic effect was on my lips which were deeply cut and wounded that I could not apply any lipstick/lipbalm etc. on them. Actually, nothing worked for lips else than inner healing AND applying coconut oil and beetroot powder mixture and then putting on the mask. The warmth caused by mask was helping in softening lips’ skin. Neck and collar-bone area and left forearm stayed the same till the beginning of august.

After all this, I, incessantly started searching and researching about what actually my ailment was and got to know that it was Heat Urticaria (precisely in the last week of july). Now, I knew exactly what it was and what was its cure in allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, and naturopathy. I was reluctant about allopathy because all they do about heat urticaria is giving the patient Antihistamines (anti-allergic) medicine which, I read somewhere, was of least use in urticaria as it just could suppress the symptoms and not do any inner healing. In ayurveda, I researched extensively but was reluctant to have any tablets.

I stopped eating and drinking any hot food including any spicy, fried, caffeinated, carbonated, exothemic, creamy, overly sweet, overly salty, sour, pungent, and fermented food. Specifically took mint chutney (just mint and some salt in it), cucumbers, simple indian flat bread (roti) with Desi Ghee, simply cooked veggies, and fennel seeds water.

Now, I started healing quicker than I thought I could. Within a week those prickly sensations stopped altogether. My body temperature started to cool down within a week. The red patches with high temperature over those areas were still there but were reducing in redness and burning sensations gradually. By the mid of august, my neck and collarbone almost got healed i.e. the warts had healed competely and the scars were barely there. Face got healed completely; my eyes were looking brighter and there was barely any dark circle. Neck also got free from any warts. The only thing that was there was occasional fever which I got rid of completely in september.

After getting healed, I could not believe that there was actually a life without fever. SERIOUSLY!!

So, my Heat Urticaria was a journey of six-seven months i.e. from the start of March, 2022 to the end of September, 2022 because my fever actually healed completely by the end of september and there were no occasional complaints or symptoms of Heat Urticaria after that.

Physiological relief tips for Heat Urticaria/Hot Urticaria

Physiologically, what you can do to get some relief in Heat Urticaria?? I am sharing a few tips that worked for me:

  1. Do not bathe with hot water even in winters. Water be, the cooler, the better.
  2. Take a tub bath in ice water or put your hands and feet in ice water for about 15-20 minutes. Let all of that heat get out of your limbs.
  3. Do not do intense exercise at all. It’s a BIG NO! Or you may scratch the hell out of your skin within seconds or minutes after exercising.
  4. Apply cold compresses on the affected area while sleeping or taking rest.
  5. My self invented 🀣 simple pack that works wonders within minutes: Take about 30-50 ml coconut virgin oil (not extra virgin or normal hair oil) in a small glass bottle. Add 1 ml of Pudinhara (mint) tablet’s oil and 1 capsule of Vitamin E oil (not almond oil) in it (of course, after opening it up with a sterilized needle). Apply it 4-5 times after equal intervals of time necessarily or whenever you feel like itching apply this oil a bit over that area. CAUTION- Do not add more of the pudinhara in this much quantity of oil or you may have a burning sensation on the affected area(s) which does not go away easily.
  6. If you have acutely painful deep red patches and warts on skin due to this hot urticaria, try applying a steroid ointment but only after cleaning the area with a gentle cleanser. Do not use any alcohol based cleanser or anti-septic liquid as the affected skin is not wounded because of any infection, but the streroid ointment will not stop the itching sensation completely.
  7. Any simple calamine lotion also gives temporary relief. You can apply it if the wounds or warts are not too painful and itchy.
  8. Wear the loosest of clothes made of cotton only.
  9. Protect the affected areas from the sunlight at any cost. Avoid any kind of heat actually.
  10. Take Deep Breathes all the time. No matter what situation you are in, keep your calm. Do not let your body heat up even the more due to anger or otherwise, no matter how many psychopaths try to trigger you and your trauma. Yes, trauma and stress can also be a cause of hot urticaria as it was in my case.
  11. Do not apply any beauty essential oils in the base oil. Never apply mustard oil or sesame oil on the affected area. Sunscreen, lotion, cream, perfume, deodorant, vaseline, make-up, talcum powder-NO!!!!!
  12. Apply Aloe-Vera Gel every time right after taking bath, on wet affected area without massaging it in and just keep it as a pack for about 10-15 minutes or if you can’t tolerate it then wash it away immediately. It may give burning sensation for 1 minute but gives relief later on and helps in outer healing of the skin as well. Essentially apply that Pudinhara oil mixture right after washing aloe-vera gel away or your skin may feel dry and itchy after some time.

I will share in details how I got hot/heat urticaria last year, about on-going condition, and healing phase- the areas, sensations I felt, mental state, lifestyle, etc. in any other post.

Also, avoid hot foods at any cost. Outer applications are of no use if one doesn’t heal Heat Urticaria from within. Be patient (not patient). Urticaria doesn’t heal within days or even weeks. Some people have it going on for years as well, although I had it for months.

This is not my picture. I took a screenshot of a picture from the internet but it looks like this, athough, in my case it was continuous big patches on my thighs near knees, both sides of my stomach, back of the neck on the left side, on the outer lower sides of the breasts, all of the collar-bone area from shoulder to shoulder, whole of my left inner fore-arm, and my face. Details, I will share tomorrow.

Share this with anyone who may need it. Take care. β€πŸ’«

Lessons in your 30s about your 20s.

Lessons you will learn in your 30s about your twenties:

  1. Partying hard is important but working harder is even more important.
  2. Planning in your early twenties about your next 20 years could be life changing.
  3. Go with the flow is the stupidest and useless concept, specially in career.
  4. Knowledge gained in twenties never goes in vain.
  5. It’s better to build a body in your twenties that can sustain anything in your later life for decades. Eating clean and healthy, working out really hard, getting sunshine and rain, breathing fresh air, etc. regularly could put you above most of the folks of your age who were into eating a lot of junk food, consuming alcohol, smoking, etc.
  6. Those stupid crushes were nothing but a distraction.
  7. Making connections just for the sake of career is really important.
  8. Strategic expenditure and investments could put you ahead 90% of the people in 30s.
  9. You could save a lot of wasted time and energy you spent on fake people, fake relationships, fake friendships.
  10. You could be at least 10 times better if you had started preparing 10-12 months before any expected opportunity for your success and could succeed as well.
  11. One career is not enough. One source of income is not enough.
  12. Anybody can switch up on you, no matter who; even closest of family members for whom you may always fight.
  13. People really didn’t matter and should not have mattered as much as you thought they did.
  14. Who thinks what about you and your actions does not matter at all when you have reasons for each of your action and you are moving with the right and ethical purpose in mind.
  15. Choosing your battles wisely is ultra-important. Letting some people live in their lies, misery, and stupidity, and going on with your head held high could save you a lot of mental energy.
  16. Getting credits and appreciation for the work done by you was so necessary, be it in any form- reciprocated favour, certificates, money, or expanding the word about you.
  17. Waiting for your love to be fulfilled by the other person as well kept you stuck for a long time. You could rather find the right partner and love could happen later on between you two.
  18. Hoeing around many people kept you away from the best one for you, that you could have, that could be life changing for you for the better.
  19. Humility and kindness were important but you should not have let people walk over you or use you or your sources.
  20. Expecting anything from others is like blocking your own efficiency.
  21. World runs on give and take; and people would keep on taking if you are a giver without boundaries.
  22. You live only once is the utterly non-sense concept. You actually die only once and can live multiple lives and get a taste of different cultures, careers, people (as friends or acquaintances) but in a systematic manner. There is no point in spoiling your life though YOLO.
  23. The fear of missing out is just a concept driven out of peer pressure. You never missed out on anything when you were completely sure that you didn’t want that thing or event to happen at that time.
  24. Life is too short. Never leave an opportunity to speak your mind. Express emotions and let others know your thoughts without any fear of mis-judgements. 95-99% of the people misjudged your silence anyway.
  25. Ignoring your creative side for the sake of your logical side and rational career could have made you feel frustrated for years.
  26. You didn’t have to prove yourself to any single person on this planet about anything.
  27. Learning skills were important but are always overly hyped. If you had taken enough time in understanding the working of anything, practicing it could take very little time. Studying and educating yourself intensively as well as extensively over your area of interest could really lead you towards expertise in it.
  28. Jump first, think later is a stupid phrase. Thinking a lot before jumping into something could save you years or your entire life And from feelings like guilt, regret, and resentment. Don’t be driven by id.
  29. One partner was really enough. You just didn’t have it in you to stay loyal or to be patient to find the right one.
  30. Putting yourself first is never selfish. When you do help in terms of work, therapy, money, out of kindness, people start feeling entitled to it. People on top positions call it charity actually.


I have been posting micro as well as full-fledged blogs on this website daily and today is the 444th day of blogging. I want to thank all of my fellow-bloggers for appreciating my writings by liking, commenting, and following.

Since I have started finding blogging boring and I am more inclined towards real life, I have decided to discontinue blogging on a daily basis. I would still be posting here, reading all of your amazing blogs, and would show my presence but that would be irregular.

As a last note, perhaps I may continue blogging on my other website i.e. but that too would be irregular. Kindly follow that website for more updates and share too. I would also be sharing your amazing blogs over there on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

A Big Heartfelt THANK to all of my beautiful fellow-bloggers, especially the regular ones- You are the realest support, THANK YOU IN TONSβ£β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ’–πŸ’«

Stay Safe..β€πŸ’«

Keep Rising..β€πŸ’«

Live Well..β€πŸ’«

It’s about principles!!

I don’t become happy when a loser abuses someone without any reason else than lack of control over thoughts and emotions, even though that someone has a secret enmity and envy against me. It’s a trait of other loser bitches to be happy in such situations.

It’s all about principles. All the people who lack strong principles can’t get it.

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