A Precious Soul.

A soul is sitting by your side

All they can feel is

your pain for their absence

and for you, their pride;

A want to embrace you,

their reeling grows strong,

for holding you in their arms tight;

The moment you feel weakness

The moment you feel any fear

The moment your heart aches for their presence

The moment your soul screams their name,

Feel in your heart without an iota of doubt

They never leave you alone in this fight,

They are always within you, and

They are sitting by your side.

Ideal Partner. Random #1

Be with someone who would never make you feel like a failure but also someone who would go miles with you for your success as well. Going miles with you have nothing to do with doing your part of the work, but moving along with you while you do it for yourself. Also, expect such a partner only if you are willing to be That Person for them as well.

It is said that ambitious people have only two options- A supportive partner or No partner at all, and I can’t agree more.


Trying to discern the complexity of WHYs of life,

I found the simplest answers.

Not kidding. 🤷‍♀️

*People who keep nagging n ranting about menial stuff*

Me: *Running away at the first hint of such nature.* 🏃‍♀️

First Milestone.

Receiving Advocates’ Enrolment Certificate from the then Honourable Secretary of the Punjab and Haryana Bar Council. 🙂🧿

How I thought it was not a formal affair (should have worn formal clothes) 🙈 The happiness though, for being enrolled as an advocate. Proud moment indeed.. Completed eight years as a registered advocate. (Actually it was 5th Aug, 2014) ❤💫

Okay.. I remember. I was wearing casuals because I was one of those people who had applied for the enrolment certificate on a priority basis, and we were intimated to collect it on this date, and there was no formal function as such.

Truest love forever.

I love the old me, the present me, the one I am becoming, and the one I will become. ❤💫

Would you believe??

What if I tell you that you can do everything that you want to do in life?? It’s all about Good Management Skills and Grit.

Quote spoiled

Quote: You are gonna miss the girl who _______.

He: “Naah..”

“Not me.”


Literally Cursed

Tomorrow’s tomorrow is not over-morrow,

Tomorrow’s tomorrow is tomorrow’s over-morrow’s yesterday.

I am cursed to take the long route. 🙄

Unconscious reality.

Sometimes you come in my dream like a forgotten desire,

Sometimes you come in my dream like a lost soul.

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