Straight n clear.

The point is very simple, clear and straight,

When I don’t interfere in anyone’s life,

Why would somebody interfere in that of mine?

Despite I made the boudaries clear ‘N’ number of times,

This is where you prove mental sickness of thine.

Why not??

People destroy your life beyond repair

And then expect you to sympathize with their pity party.

Because why not?

Crocodile tears shown afterwards always have appeal.


Soo jagah muh maar ke

Kis muh se idhar aaoge?

Jab main chli jaungi

Fir mere liye bhi pachtaoge.

Corona virus people

I should begin to take a few people as corona-virus,

Existing somewhere,

But against my life around here.


When they think they have figured me out,

Is exactly when they take me wrong.

Tennis balls.

Some people be acting like a tennis ball,

One hit from here,

Another from there,

Spending their time jumping on both sides,

Oh.. such fickle-mindedness.

Tactic of Triangulation used by narcissist.

“And now begins the game of Triangulation.”

I was wrong to call a pure narcissist a toxic empath when I can see clearly all the aspects of narcissism in the same person. Triangulation means comparing two people in which the one who is praised is used by the narcissist to demean the other person when that ‘other person’ does not adhere to the stupidity, toxicity and malicious behaviour or demands of the narcissist. This is done to lower the self-confidence of one of two people compared. You will mostly see a narcissist jumping from one person to another, praising highly one person one day and when that same person gets to know about the narcissist’s malice and call out about it or expose that behaviour, then that person is met with the Tactic of Triangulation.