I know who !!

Best time pass of an ugly person, on the internet:

Why does she use make-up?

why is she/he using filter?

why isn’t she/he being simple?

Read between the lines: Why doesn’t she/he look shit-faced like me??

An ugly narcissist is worse than any other. GEEZ! LITERALLY!!

“If anyone whom I am jealous of would not dance to my tunes, then I would try to make them feel under-appreciated by commenting compliments on other person’s profile who is equally jealous of the person whom I want to make feel bad about themself, although that person has proved it time n again that they do not give any shit about any of us jealous bitches!!”

“And by the end of it all, I would act like a well-wisher as I think that that person would be broken by that time.”


DUMB, undoubtedly !!

Some people can see through any narc’s bullshit !! AND YOU ARE UGLY INSIDE AND OUT.


Me: Are you having beef with me??

**Le Non-vegetarian: Naah.. I am having it all by myself.

🙏 Which one are you?

🙏 This emoji is used in mainly 4ways:

  1. When you are at your highest, as a symbol of your humility.
  2. When someone is toxic defensive, as a symbol of passive-aggression.
  3. When someone is a toxic beggar who knows you will never forgive, as a symbol of begging for forgiveness for free i.e. without any accountability or paying off for the wrongs done.
  4. When it is used in its actual sense, as a symbol of high-five. Yup! It is actually high-five!!

Digital Art-Man of Global Peace.

The digital painting I made in 2021.

(Kindly do not use or copy the picture or the concept without written permission. The copyrights are reserved by the artist i.e. Preet.)


How do you infer that someone and her followers are jealous of me??

When they comment exactly the same thing that someone else commented on my pics.

The FAKE BITCHES BURN is getting too real to give a benefit of the doubt.

The best part is usually, I don’t give a single fuck to all of those envious Bitches.

As long as any kind of comment anywhere is not reducing any money from my accounts, I am totally unbothered. But I know for a fact how the comments on my pictures become the question of life and death for an insecure bitch and her envious followers.

GO TO HELL FR!! People like me are too good in real life to even bother about what and who is getting what on social media, although you ain’t shit even there and it shows from your envy.


There is a bunch of toxic pages run by obviously toxic people who have been operating on the guidelines of a few known toxic ones who used to know me before 2020.

Now these psychopaths have been constantly talking shit about me and my relationship status.

They in their own LaLa Land assume that I have been in a relationship with someone, have had sex, broken up, done patch-up, etc. Etc. Got another one. Then another. In the same loop. And they are going gaga over their assumed shit constantly.

May be one day they will also start saying that I got married, have had kids, divorced, abandoned my non-existent affinal family..bla bla bla..

All in all, these bitches are stupid AF. Don’t believe these bitches.

Yes, they deserve this title Stupid-ass Bitches, because, just think about the level of their stupidity and the level of rumours and toxicity they are spreading about me.

I am single. And I don’t write about anyone in a sneaky way. The only places where I am writing anything on the internet are My pages on instagram- Preet_pi_ and Quotes_launcher; and on wordpress- http://www.ithinkforall.wordpress.com and http://www.yourchoicestlifestyle.com.

Everything else is BS created by those psychopaths to create chaos in other people’s lives just to satiate their own cheap thrills because these uneducated and unemployed bitches have nothing better to do.

I have explained all this prior to this post as well but I guess I need to share this situation at regular interval, otherwise one or the other person may fall in the loop.

I don’t even look at those dumbfuck pages for weeks n months but once in a while I do to see if something has changed or not, but when have psychopaths changed on their own?? You may guess the answer accurately.

So now, whenever you find any page that sounds like me, you know it’s not me, for sure.

The names of these stupid ass bitches’ pages:

  1. Se****ly_t***ted2
  2. Wo*do**gyofficial
  3. w**dga*mof****al

There are a couple more immature ones with the title of ‘Spiritual‘ in their page name who are into assuming non-sense about me regarding life n relationships etc. and writing their so-called advices/views on it like they are too mature and experienced whereas having not a single fact at hand about me and my life as I do not even chat with any person. It’s all about stalking and spying, you can infer easily. But as of now, I am not naming them as they are also quite toxic but not as toxic as the above-mentioned stupid bitches.


Some people really playing dumbshit that them and others have been playing for years and expecting you to be affected by it.

BITCH, you are STUPID, Not Me !!

(PS-I am in a good mood to throw all that extra shit(people) who feel any way player or important.)


Sometimes, saying no word describes a million words

only if there is a listener who can understand the depth of it..

Thought of the day.

Neither too much, nor less than..You are what and how much exactly you need to be..

Entertain that thought. Don’t let people’s insecurities and ego be louder than your confidence that comes from within and from your work.

Reasonable much??

People take even my silence wrong, I am not surprised anymore when they take my words wrongly.

It does not mean that I have nothing to say. It just means that my middle finger is as large as I enlongate the period of silence on certain shit or I know certainly that the there is a dumbo-stupid as well as cunning bitch on the other side who would use techniques of projection and sympathy gaining the moment I would say anything.

(Yes! Dumbo cunning bitch can exist. Cunning about only manipulation and projection. Dumbo if you ask any intellectual or knowledgeable question.)

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