Kill me..😐

The moment you move out of their life,

They start showing up in your dreams..

Personal note.

I would rather have any narcissist hate me rather than fake friendliness or fake love just to hide his selfishness or evilness or at the best having one stay away from me forever. I don’t want to boost any narcissist’s ego by either being miserable, the misery brought by the same mf narcissist or being a Fan of one for no reason or such quality. I want to be called exactly what I am. I am fine to be called a rude, cruel or arrogant person because I know I become that in angst but being called a bitch, being called names for not initiating anything like that myself first or being blamed for things I never did, being judged for things any bitch narcissist did or doing to me is completely unacceptable to me even at the existence level; leave alone values and normal which are quite high standards that any mf narcissists can never meet (assured). The ingrained envy in a narcissist is something I can never cure because he wants to be everything that I am n could never be as strong as I am and I cannot fill that ever-lasting void. Affection given by me either had never been enough or was too much to handle because a narcissist never knows how much he needs it, so, it’s always dependent on a narc’s mood when he wanted to push me away n when he wanted me back. A BITCH narc could never get that I never was n never will be a TOY for his under-developed personality to be played with physically, mentally or emotionally.

Fake friendliness.

Real friend is hard to find, most of the people are either MF BITCH narcissists or their agent bitches(both males n females).

You are messy but better not mess up-YOU ARE A REAL BITCH !!

It’s okay to try to ignite my anger from such a great distance

You are an attention seeker,

I have got it for a lot of times by now,

But get one thing straight in your weak mind n soul,

Be wary of calling a lone wolf a bitch

You can fuck a bitch over n over again

And still use her after misusing her

Because she will equally use you for her benefit

Try fucking with a LONE WOLF without respect

She will shred you to tiny pieces


Without giving any further to your weaknesses A SINGLE SHIT !!

Deconstruct thoughts not body to cure depression.

People who think that yoga/deep breathing/intense training/cardio can cure depression, throw a brick on their head and ask them to heal the wound with those methods; It’s pretty much the same, just the depressing wounds are invisible. Those techniques may work but only for sadness, stress or a change in mood. Depression is whole different mental disease. Depression actually needs to be detected for its in-depth cause(s) in order to detangle the knots in psyche to smoothen n re-arrange the behaviour of the patient. I may sound rude but not as stupid as those people sound. Various techniques can be used for curing depression like nutritional balance, medication, behavioural therapies, etc. but not this exercise n chill n shit..

Not love.

Please don’t tell me how much you self-sabotaged yourself for anybody,

It’s just a form of self abuse;

And if you cannot love yourself enough not to self-sabotage

Then you cannot love anyone else, it’s true,

And to me

showing your weaknesses in the name of love is of no use.

Fight for your right.

A war outside of you

is worthy

when it calms down a war within you.

Ask no further 😂

“KILL ME” I told him in fun,

Saying “MY PLEASURE” he obliged.


Somebody be tryna make me jealous until he knows that I drop him dead right there.

“Trying to make me jealous may actually burn you.”

Forgetty imagy.

Let’s take cute pictures n videos

And forget the world exists

And then

Let’s take pictures of the world

And forget we for each-other ever exist.