A positive thought. β€

You know the fate is on your side,

When good people are on your side,

When even strangers care,

You are gaining abundance I swear.

To my Karma..πŸ™

Oh my darling Karma,

I have learnt my lessons really well,

If you are going to indulge me with the same old strife

Just to make the pending karma of others with me gel,

I request you to make them eat their own shit

I am sure they have of it a big deep well

Not interested in taking any friend guised foe in my life again,

Even if it’s written by you they have to pay for my pain,

Throw them far away

Don’t indulge them in my life again.

Who cares?

You’d say you care,

I’d say I don’t,

Still when the reality hit the thought,

I’d care

And you won’t.

I create, don’t hate.

I create and create,

They think I hate,

That must be some anger

For the numbing tragedies of my fate

Whereas I know only how to love

I am profoundly peaceful to others

Though you might hold its symbol dove.

No Regrets..

In the end, I have no regrets,

I did what I could do,

I felt what I could feel,

I expressed what I could,

I behaved how it was allowed,

Now it’s my time to heal.


Every time I feel like going back,

I remember the reasons why not to;

For only a new world can be made,

When the old one collapses,

My world shattered and collapsed completely,

Leaving nothing behind than its ruins,

I can remember the beautiful times,

But it’s lost in the remote past,

It could be withheld with an open heart,

Only if they could feel the depth of my feelings

and how much that ocean of love is vast.

Be authentic..

Being real will make you thought provoking to others,

And that’s how you shift paradigms,

By being you,

By showing the real you,

And by sharing the real you,

Even if you feel insufficient you always have something to offer to others to learn it from you,

Even if not exceptionally examplary, you still can be used as an example.

Authenticity always prevails any kind of facade.


Oh Baby, I won’t do you wrong,

One because I don’t like to,

Two because you are too weak for that.

PS- Take this just as a piece of writing. I have nothing as such. It’s just that while writing we can think of things we never do. πŸ™‚And “baby” here is imaginary. πŸ˜›

My base.. πŸ™

I live with a sense that my ancestors reside in me,

If I will be living it with malice, jealousy, competition, untruthfulness, and ill-will against anyone, I will ditch not only my own conscience, I will ditch them all.

Also, if I will let that happen to me, I will disrespect them all.

Because in me lives my whole clan, I have to take care of that.

May they always be my guides and guards. I will always pay them regards by living well and having a good mind. πŸ™πŸ˜‡


Dearest and The Best Papa,

I wish so badly that you were still here. You were such a great guide to me, A guide, friend and philosopher; and such a beautiful human being, so helpful, knowledgeable, intelligent, disciplinarian, understanding, selfless and humble and most of all, an examplary father. I cannot praise you enough. I tried to imbibe a lot of your traits, though unsuccessfully. You are still an epitome of strength to me and your absence will always feel like a big hollow in my heart and void in my soul. Surely, we are connected by soul but your humanly wisdom is what I miss a lot and most of all, your quite presence that always encouraged me to do better n better every single time I looked at you. You were my inspiration. Despite having so many hardships in life, you always had a smile on your face, depth in your eyes and hustle in your body and mind and not giving up in your spirit. I used to gain strength just after having a look at you, and if not that, you used to push me to do better and never give up. I know life was not fair to you. It never was till your last breath. Also, I want to apologize to you for not standing upto the mark.

I can never forget the day when I did not have the book during one of my last semester exams ‘law and medicine’, you did not let me know that you were out there in the markets of mumbai walking here and there for hours under the scorching heat, despite having cancer, not having eaten anything whole day, just to find that one book that was unavailable. That day I felt so helpless because I knew you’d do anything for me and I was never doing enough for you. I still feel helpless for that reason that I could never do anything good enough for you except studying, and I know that you also wanted me to do that but the responsibilities any child can take for his/her parents I could never take that. The time I could do that, you died; and that will always feel like a big incapacity on my part.

The thing you wanted the most for me, because I wanted that, I am quitting on that too. I guess, you will understand that too but I wish you were here to guide me better, I am sorry I am being selfish here but I really need you. I miss you so much that I cannot describe it in words. Sometimes I even feel like dying just to meet you. But I will try to be happy because I know you are always around and it makes you happy too, and it’s going to take long for us to meet in the same realm. Nobody can understand me better than you, I can say that without a doubt, we had silent agreements and logical disagreements. Many people say that I am just like you, I feel proud to listen to that but I am nothing near to you, some of your friends even called you a saint, I wish you could know (I think you heard them) and I cannot agree more.

In the end, I only want to say that I got blessed with a father like you and got cursed with your absence, but truly, you have been the best person I have even known. I wish I could tell you all this when you were alive but I know that you know what and how I feel about you and I wish we could spend this day together for several more years.


-Your proud daughter.