High fever 😐

Who needs alcohol when you can be high most of the times for no reason..

High on thinking

High of emotions

High on adrenaline

High on anxiety

High on love

High on knowing the unknown.

Raw conversation.

“Your lips talked to me silently in those ways,

That only my body could listen.”

Friendly foes.

You really need to count how many people come to lend you a helping hand when you are down

And how many of them recede and vibe snarky when you begin to stabilize.

Intoxicating karmic pattern.

The universe will hurt you

over n over again

until you learn who can heal you

n who can intoxicate you further,

you will find the pain n pleasure of intoxication delicious,

until you smell

the healing flavour,

It’s upon you,

And only upon you,

Either to jump in the same pit

To know in the end

That it’s meant to be escaped,

Or get out of it

Once and forever;

what seems more in your concern is

Every time the stair you use to climb out of it

The same stair you leave

in that same dumping pit,

then jump in it and come out of it never.

Irony with A.

When you hate all the ‘A’s Except One,

And all those psycho ‘A’s think that you love them

Except whom you actually do

that Only One.