Meditation- fancy enough for you??

People hype so much about meditation in terms of taking a separate time for it, maintaining a posture, eyes closed etc. etc. that it’s almost impossible for them to comprehend that someone can be in a constant state of meditation without doing a specific set of actions and postures for maintaining that state. Meditation is all about deep breathing, clarity of thoughts, and mindfulness. If you are just obsessed with its trendy and fancy part, then you are just a ball of mess with a veil of spirituality over you, which will not serve you or anyone else in the long run.

Meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, soul connection to oneself- They all begin and stay inside of one’s mind.

Don’t fool yourself and others.

One thing.

1 thing I’d never compromise on,

🙄 Nevermind..It’s a long long list.


Some XYZ-Aren’t you think Mr. Y is amazing?

Me-Yes. I are think he is amazing.

A buried thought.

I am a buried thought of your mind

that will evoke an emotion-inexplicable

when you will least expect it.

Isolation lover- A born loner.


One of my biggest problems n biggest blessings is that I never fit in, since my very childhood. I can be jovial n polite with all but I have never been involved in any group, be it in school, college or work; AND I love my life this way. I don’t feel like I am missing out on something by not getting involved with any kind of group, rather I feel good because I stay away from a lot of groupist biases, and mental and behavioural inhibitions.

Digital Art: Innocent Love

By Preet

Painted in July, 2021. 💛💫

Alternate stories.

People assume so much about me and my life (mostly wrongly) that sometimes I am like “Okay..Let me know more!! Like what’s happening next?? Your story seems more interesting..And I am curious to know now!!” 😂🤣

A heartfelt thanks to the kind ones though, who, despite confusion or unclarity of the situation, still choose to say something humanely.. ❤💫

Too romantic.

He asked me if I would follow him on instagram. I said, “No.”

After that I followed him throughout my life, and will follow him even after dying. 🙂

That’s how Haunting begins.


Girl chose peace n never looked back. 😂😂

(Note: Ignore my 3 grammatical and spelling errors.🙊🙈)

Guzra hua waqt

Do pal mil jaye agar wo guzra hua waqt,

humein samajh to aye,

unme rza kya thi aur sza kya thi..

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