When the main source of contention gets eliminated and the contention still persists without any viable notion, how much a logical person is going to engage in that loop of incongruent predicaments rotating just to prove some sort of superiority complex??

The answers may vary according to the level of consciousness one has reached. Some people move one step back to get themselves out of that abyss of illusions and put their best foot forward in something of value in real life, whereas some people stay stuck in that loop, hence mediocrity. Choose to be the former, my friend, out of mediocrity.

Your hatred

You hate others because you hate yourself. There is very little probability of any other possibility.

Ignoring insignificant people.

For peace of mind, I Ignore; and when I do so, don’t provoke; don’t be clingy; don’t come here trying to walk back on burnt bridges; lest only you will fall..

Can’t fake it.

It doesn’t take much to say a few good words while having venom in heart against someone, for a manipulator; It may take me my whole existence to do so.

who are you, hun??

Overly dramatic people be like “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM !!!!!”

Me: Exactly. I don’t know who you are. 😂😂


PC- Preet

To bloom like a flower,

it takes time.

[Pastels on paper. Don’t Judge. This is one of my kiddo drawings. (I mean as we drew in school)😛😜]

The digitally improvised version:

Copyrights reserved by Preet.

Who are uuuuu??

Whosoever remembers me between 4-4:30 am, stop doing that. You have no idea how exhausing it is to sleep at 2-2:30 am and then wake up by 4:30 am for days in a row.. 😐😡

Quote: Changing

You can be, and/or behave like, a whole different person within 2 minutes of behaving in a particular way, yet owe noone any explanation, if you have not intended to harm them by doing so, manifestly or latently.


Thick shields of iron rusted,

And swayed along the soft petals,

in the warm breeze of love..

Photo by Jill Burrow on

Meeting Him on your path??

When you are doing something good or are on the right path, the strongest resistance comes from the devil. When you are not doing anything or are on the wrong path, you become devil’s favourite person and your path stays unhampered and smooth.

Keep this in mind the next time you face utter resistance in your way. And sometimes, people and pages having written “SPIRITUAL” in their heading or titles are the agents of that devil or are that devil themself. Beware the next time you follow any Spiritual entity; The Devil is also a Spirit.

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