One by two.

It’s the privilege for soups,

Not people.

To strangers.

On a bad note, due to my experiences I already consider you stupid; you have to prove me that you are not.

So shitty. 🤣

When you stop giving a shit,

You actually don’t feel the need to announce it.


When you forgive somebody by mistake,

While they were not even apologetic.

*highly disappointed by self*

Enjoy the show.

When a few people are confused between two people in the matter of courtship, one of those two being me, I love to take a note who all those chasers are, recede back and see who is going to win over that other person.

Because “If I don’t like to play the game, at least, I can enjoy watching it.” 😛🤣

And I keep that in mind that I don’t have to be with any of them. Because why?