Let’s write verses,

and never read them again.

Photography-A Cow in the Hills.

Cow on a road in hills feels different. It represents calmth, resilience, and survival.

Qotd-Whom to disappoint.

Toxic people want you to pass THEIR vibe check desperately. Disappoint them always!!

International Women’s Day.

Why didn’t I write anything about International Women’s Day this year??

Because it sounds so fake. People praise women for a day and disrespect them every single day.

Additionally, you will see misery of most of the people when they are jealous that why there exists a women’s day and why they are being praised.

Let’s celebrate every single day as women’s day in our personal as well as professional life AND don’t forget equality !! No gender- Women, Men, Transgender, Any Other, is superior or inferior.

Suffocating a narcissist.

How to suffocate a narcissist??

Give them attention once in a while and not at all at all the other times. Switch between these two inconsistently. This suffocates a narcissist to the core as a narc is always seeking your attention either by ignoring you so that you chase the narc or by bombarding you with attention-both positive and negative by triangulating, accusing, etc.

No constant attention means lack of supply of energy to the narcissist.

Although, don’t do it to a healthy minded person, lest you would seem to be a narcissist. Healthy minded people don’t give a fuck to people having this behaviour whereas a narcissist feels suffocated due to lack of attention.


1. You are portraying as well as having freedom to give attention any time. You are not bound for that though.

2. You are playing a narc on a narc and giving a narcissist a taste of his own medicine.

3. You actually realize that it was you all along who was feeling bound in the narcissistic loop whereas you could anytime switch up on a narc just like he does.

4. You get time and energy to focus on other things more rather than dancing to the tunes of the narc.

5. You can ultimately get rid of a narc. A narc suffocated with no to least and irregular attention, that too, not on his whims and caprices, makes him run away (at least for a long time).


  1. Narc will accuse you of being a narc and create drama everywhere he could get sympathy against you.
  2. Narc will go mad and may abuse you as well to get that negative attention that he is desperately seeking.
  3. Narc will use all of his tactics like gaslighting, blame-game, triangulation, pity-party, love-bombing, against you to bring you back to that narc-puppet, narc-supply loop.
  4. If the other person is not a narc, you may prove to be a narc. So, be careful and first of all be very sure that that person is a pathological narc. Do not jump to conclusions based on assumptions and on few subtle signs only.

Be Careful:

Narc will do DRAMA, manipulation, accusations, TRIANGULATION, name-calling, whenever n wherever he could. Let him be. Enjoy the show of what we call in psychology ‘Monkey Dance’.


Affirmations are words that we tell ourselves to imbibe them deep into our mind and soul, so that we can manifest them into reality through actions and otherwise. 269 more words


Hey Lovely Peeps,

Here I am trying to revive my affirmations from the last year at the same time which somehow worked for me. I hope it may help any other person too..

Take Care..❤😍💜💖💫

#17 My Bestie

Do you want to live forever? your heart(readers)..😂

Apart from the cheezy stuff, I must tell you that When I was a kid, I wanted to live only till the age of 40 years as I thought at that time (for years) that I would accomplish everything, I had had wanted to at that time, by that age. So, No! the desire to live forever is not my thing.

Not indigestible.

One’s silence to heal oneself should be digestible.

Tips to become mentally stronger

Digital Art-Perspectives.

Honestly, I drew it without any thought and after looking at it a few times, different perspectives started striking my mind.

(Note: Kindly do not use the image or copy the concept. The copyrights are reserved by Preet. Thank you.🙂)

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