Very proudly, the difference is certain.

I can say this with full confidence that there are more than 15 people who have grave enmity and envy towards me for no reason else than I am being myself and pick myself up from anything that they never could do for themselves, people whom I don’t even consider existent now and whom I helped the time(s) when nobody else did and to whom I was kind to when nobody else was. But here lies the difference between low-vibing fake ones and high-vibing someone.

(From 31st march,2021)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

6 thoughts on “Very proudly, the difference is certain.”

  1. “But here lies the difference between low-vibing fake ones and high-vibing someone.”

    Great line (and meaning)!!
    I may be ‘compelled’ to steal it for a future post of my own.
    (I will, of course, credit you. I may be a thief, but I am an honest one—does that make sense?)

    Great post Angry Bird.

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    1. You are most welcome to use lines from any blog or poetry.. It’s not stealing when credits are given.. You are really polite.. Thank you.. 🙂
      And, I really wanted to ask about the blog you had talked about, yesterday; the one which was regarding comments n blogging. I had tried to search that on your website but could not find it.. 🙂

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      1. Or coulda been this one (linked below.)

        And, by the way, I was not always a ‘polite’ man.
        This too is well-documented in lots and lots of my posts on my blog.
        Some of them I am ashamed of, but I keep them around to ground me and never let me forget that I am very capable of being a jerk.
        I just do not want to be a jerk anymore.
        The ‘fun’ went out of it for me several years ago.
        Now I am just aiming at treating folks how I like to be treated.

        And oh!
        Here is that post I promised.
        It is mercifully brief.

        You’ve Got to Give a Little

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        1. Okay.. 🙂 It’s quite brave of you to say that you were a jerk (😜).. I will definitely read more of your blogs a few hours later n provide feedback as well..Thank you for sharing the link.. 🙂

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