Now about then.

All the memories of us
are memories of my thoughts of ‘us’,
mostly the memories we never made,
of all the moments we could have
and barely of moments we had.

I tried to put my feelings in words to you.
You understood them and left.
I am writing my feelings now,
You will understand them again,
but won’t be able to leave me
And anything else than understood.

I am flying like a kite
far away, in existence,
from you,
still strings attached
to you.
Needing to cut anything
that comes in my way,
till you pull me closer
and let me, there, stay.

Three of the short-poems that I wrote in 2018 for someone.

The one that I shared yesterday in the morning was also related to that one. I have to explain this because people perceive everything wrongly specially regarding what I say n do, although I am very clear about my words n actions. 😂


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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