A Gawaar/backward!

What do I mean by ‘Gawaar’ or ‘Backward’ whenever I use this word??

It literally has nothing to do with someone’s class, caste, social status, educational background, etc., whenever I use these words.

A backward person or Gawaar is someone who can’t see someone else making progress in whatsoever they want to make progress in. A Gawaar is someone who abuses others using obnoxious filthy words to stop them from doing what he can’t digest and that which is their right to do freely and harmlessly. He abuses them even when those people have never done anything wrong or abused him first. His only agenda is to be a block in other person’s life by throwing negativity over their path, be it on social media or otherwise, and also be proud of his filthy character and foolishness.

An evil-minded fool who wants to impose his narrow-mindedness on others through obnoxious acts is basically what I mean by a ‘Gawaar’.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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