Hard truth about fake influencers.

People are so desperate to be influencers that they try their best to impose their thought process on everyone, specially on those who do not pay much heed to their half-baked truth and the inferred conclusions, that they end up looking and sounding inherently stupid.

‘One mould fits all’ is their basic principle and they keep on chirping about their narrow view-points.

Those who are actually and truly knowledgeable and have seen life and have tackled with its ugly twists and turns know that every single thing has a plethora of sides and perspectives to it and any kind of behaviour happens to be on a continuum, but you will listen to any fake influencer who has not seen life that closely talking about a very mediocre good stuff, that too only in words.

If any such fake influencer would have gone through verbal, physical and mental abuse even half of you, that one would have been in pieces or in mental asylum rather than faking goodness just because he has had an easy life.

I can argue about all of their distorted perceptions one by one in details as well but is anyone even really ready for the hard truth and has anyone gotten this much time??


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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