Quote Analysis.

One of the most stupid quotes making rounds on the internet is

‘No matter how dirty others do you. Karma has a big appetite these days, move with pure intentions.’

First of all, Karma is not always a negative thing or always a punishment.

Secondly, this quote is MANIPULATIVE AF as it is intended just to stop people from reacting or doing the same stuff to those miserable people who are always into provoking others.

Thirdly, Karma has no appetite. What is that bullshit exactly?? Is karma an animal?? Certainly not! People having no clarity of concepts say or write this kind of stuff.

Last but not the least, probably you are that person who has been made to make all the stupid, miserable, bullying, and negative people been punished for their ill-will and ill-doings. Sometimes, YOU are the CARRIER OF KARMA. You have been bestowed with that much power that you can remove that TRASH. You are meant to punish that SHIT.

When your intentions are pure all the time, do not hesitate to beat the shit out of a stupid bitch. Maybe one of your biggest life’s purposes is to remove all that TRASH from humanity, whosoever such garbage comes across you. Do not let anyone manipulate you with this kind of irrational quotes and thoughts.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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