Limited psycho mind.

People with limited perception who are just stalking you to the T (sms, calls, instagram account, fb, even your email accounts hacked), think that they know why you are saying what you are saying, not knowing shit, leave alone the reasons therof.

“You can stalk my accounts, not my mind, dumbo. Keep your limited thinking and narrow-mindedness to yourself!!”

The best part is the stalker knows I am talking to him and about him but he still thinks I don’t know anything. “How stupid can you be exactly?? Like there is a level below your current one?? How do you think that despite me knowing what you are doing I am not doing anything about it or shrinking myself?? You are a criminal in real, and a controlling psychopath beyond doubt and you think that you are controlling me the WAY you want to control me??”

“ARE YOU SURE?? Or you are just proving yourself to be more and more stupid??

I know for whom you wrote what at which page and in which concern, although I am not always into noticing this bullshit of yours but when I do I know exactly wtf it is about and whom it concerns.

My main problem is with CRIMINALS, PSYCHOPATHS, BULLIES, AND ANNOYING BITCHES in general. Add to it anything trying to trigger me, I won’t get triggered as intended but my ANGER IS AGAINST YOUR PSYCHOPATHY AND AGAINST OTHER SUCH BITCHES.

If you don’t know despite knowing law, punishment for stalking is upto 3 years imprisonment in India. Nah.. Your excuses as an officer, I know about, can’t make it to save you as you are doing that shit illegally and illegitimately. I don’t know what the fuck gave you this mentality that you will never get caught.

Also, consider this.. what if I start acting like you and drive your family members insane?? You can hide yourself from social media but they are still there and you think the other person can’t do the same to you, the things you are doing to her?? The person who knows Topic Gaslighting intricately and your tactics as how, when, and where you do it, do you really think that that person can’t do anything about it??

You are so stupid that you think that if someone is not talking about certain things then that person doesn’t know anything. I don’t know who gives you this kind of over-confidence but over-confidence is one of the lowest forms of foolishness.

You think you know but you don’t know shit whereas I know about a lot despite not talking about it.

PS- You are not the only one doing this. There are exactly 4 people, including you, who are stalking by hacking my e-mail accounts, instagram accounts, fb account, messages, and calls. All 4 FOOLISH BITCHES stalking places where I have stopped keeping and sharing anything substantial. OH ! I know you are stalking that other place too, there too you are not the only one, there is one more psychopath like you !!”

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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