“10 crore berozgaar,

Kuch karo bhi sarkaar.”

Sarkaar be like, “I told you, atmanirbhar bano.”

Why that behaviour..??- Interference.

When you are a patient person, it seems like everybody else is eager to see results out of your work. But why?? Why do they need to depend on your results?? Don’t they have their own life or they just want some extra dopamine or serotonin from you(😂)??

Jokes apart, your life is all about you and the people you voluntarily want to connect with. So, if random people cannot have their life together and want to derive satisfaction from your results, both positive and negative(negative because most people wait for your decline in progress. It’s a fact!), then it is in any way not your problem. You can choose your own pace as well as direction. You can choose to work or not; you can choose to get married or not; you can choose to study or not; you can choose to travel, have a business, love, be in relationship or have friendships, socialize, explain yourself OR NOT. Your expressions can be your identity or only a small part of it. Thus, you can choose to express yourself or not.

Do not let overly-stimulate yourself by those who just have a big mouth and not enough big brain to know where to draw the line of interference or a deep soul to know that others’ life and lifestyles also matter.

A wise man once said if it is not going to affect you, it is none of your business, and if it is going to affect only You, then it shall not be their business.

Pioneer of my own life.

I cannot explain this enough

how much I hate to be defensive

And explain my actions

As well as inaction..

Assume whatever

But keep it to yourself;

This is for whosoever

I came or will come into interaction;

I repeat

I owe nobody any explanation

For what I do

Or feel the need to show it off,

Although I may do it in fraction,

But I do everything to my standards’ satisfaction,

I steer my life in my own way,

I know what I did, doing and will do,

I don’t need from anybody else a single direction.

Know the real deal.

It’s good to be co-operative,

But not that much that you turn your back towards your enemies or haters as an invitation to them to stab you,

Even if it’s just a filthy talk,

You never know who hates you and for what reasons,

thus once you notice any red flag,

I hope you don’t try to turn it into a white flag of peace,

Or try to be a dove in front of a hawk.

My type !!

Considerate nature, positive attitude and complex mind is the bare minimum I seek to connect with.

Emotional pain-tolerance and reactivity.

Let’s talk about the main difference between people having high emotional tolerance and those having low level of it.

The former reacts to the painful situation when it becomes unbearable; whereas the latter reacts the same way even at the hint of pain or at most, at the initiation of a painful event.

Illustratively, emotionally highly tolerant people have the experience(s) of a deep wound(s), which opens up and bleeds every time it’s touched, poked, hit or exposed i.e. emotionally it gets triggered but they get accustomed to tolerating that much pain, so they take it as their normal and generally do not react to what actually normal people would react to to a good extent;

Whereas emotionally lowly tolerant people have little to no such wound and they become afraid even at the thought of having any wound, so they act dramatically in order to evade from any kind of pain; they show pain which is the bare minimum for other normal people which actually can be too much for them because their threshold of emotional tolerance is quite low.

Because of this, one shall never judge other’s pain based on their reactions. Some people are natually highly reactive, others are experiencially highly tolerant.

If somebody is laughing, it doesn’t mean that they are not in pain;

If somebody is silent, it doesn’t mean that they are in pain;

If somebody is in pain, it doesn’t mean they cannot or won’t react;

If somebody is reacting, it doesn’t mean that they are or are not in pain.

Pain cannot be described and treated by others with rules set in stone. As much as pain is subjective, so is its expression.


Believe me,

The right one will value you and your love

At the right time.

Everybody else is just temporary.