#45 My bestie

Daily writing prompt
Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

I need a way to get rid of stupid people who create problems where there exists none, especially in my life. I wish they just vanish for eternity, those problems that they themselves are-Those social media goons as well as a few known ones who are still creating misunderstandings about me to others in general, AND those jealous ones who are always competing for heaven knows what!

Wise people say “Don’t blame the clown for acting like a clown. Stop going to the circus yourself.” Here, the clowns are acting like a clown inside my house, symbolically meaning that they are always entering my personal space and violating boundaries because they are immature narcissistic creeps who have no life of their own.

Basic for good mental health. 💐

“Those who stay in their lane,

Stay sane.”

It’s that simple.

(First published 21st july, 2020)


1. People really want to be different by copying your style.

2. Everybody pretends to love black colour until it’s someone’s skin.

3. They take your help till you can, if you want the energy reciprocated, you are selfish.

4. People want to be adults until it’s time to take responsibilities of adulthood, then they want to be kids again.

5. People love to take pictures of people because they love them but they cannot put enough pressure on their mind to remember them without any picture.

6. They criticize you for criticizing them but they won’t notice or correct the wrong they did that was criticized.

(Note: These quotes have the copyrights reserved by the author. Please do not copy. First published on 30th june, 2021)

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