Physiological relief tips for Heat Urticaria/Hot Urticaria

Physiologically, what you can do to get some relief in Heat Urticaria?? I am sharing a few tips that worked for me:

  1. Do not bathe with hot water even in winters. Water be, the cooler, the better.
  2. Take a tub bath in ice water or put your hands and feet in ice water for about 15-20 minutes. Let all of that heat get out of your limbs.
  3. Do not do intense exercise at all. It’s a BIG NO! Or you may scratch the hell out of your skin within seconds or minutes after exercising.
  4. Apply cold compresses on the affected area while sleeping or taking rest.
  5. My self invented 🤣 simple pack that works wonders within minutes: Take about 30-50 ml coconut virgin oil (not extra virgin or normal hair oil) in a small glass bottle. Add 1 ml of Pudinhara (mint) tablet’s oil and 1 capsule of Vitamin E oil (not almond oil) in it (of course, after opening it up with a sterilized needle). Apply it 4-5 times after equal intervals of time necessarily or whenever you feel like itching apply this oil a bit over that area. CAUTION- Do not add more of the pudinhara in this much quantity of oil or you may have a burning sensation on the affected area(s) which does not go away easily.
  6. If you have acutely painful deep red patches and warts on skin due to this hot urticaria, try applying a steroid ointment but only after cleaning the area with a gentle cleanser. Do not use any alcohol based cleanser or anti-septic liquid as the affected skin is not wounded because of any infection, but the streroid ointment will not stop the itching sensation completely.
  7. Any simple calamine lotion also gives temporary relief. You can apply it if the wounds or warts are not too painful and itchy.
  8. Wear the loosest of clothes made of cotton only.
  9. Protect the affected areas from the sunlight at any cost. Avoid any kind of heat actually.
  10. Take Deep Breathes all the time. No matter what situation you are in, keep your calm. Do not let your body heat up even the more due to anger or otherwise, no matter how many psychopaths try to trigger you and your trauma. Yes, trauma and stress can also be a cause of hot urticaria as it was in my case.
  11. Do not apply any beauty essential oils in the base oil. Never apply mustard oil or sesame oil on the affected area. Sunscreen, lotion, cream, perfume, deodorant, vaseline, make-up, talcum powder-NO!!!!!
  12. Apply Aloe-Vera Gel every time right after taking bath, on wet affected area without massaging it in and just keep it as a pack for about 10-15 minutes or if you can’t tolerate it then wash it away immediately. It may give burning sensation for 1 minute but gives relief later on and helps in outer healing of the skin as well. Essentially apply that Pudinhara oil mixture right after washing aloe-vera gel away or your skin may feel dry and itchy after some time.

I will share in details how I got hot/heat urticaria last year, about on-going condition, and healing phase- the areas, sensations I felt, mental state, lifestyle, etc. in any other post.

Also, avoid hot foods at any cost. Outer applications are of no use if one doesn’t heal Heat Urticaria from within. Be patient (not patient). Urticaria doesn’t heal within days or even weeks. Some people have it going on for years as well, although I had it for months.

This is not my picture. I took a screenshot of a picture from the internet but it looks like this, athough, in my case it was continuous big patches on my thighs near knees, both sides of my stomach, back of the neck on the left side, on the outer lower sides of the breasts, all of the collar-bone area from shoulder to shoulder, whole of my left inner fore-arm, and my face. Details, I will share tomorrow.

Share this with anyone who may need it. Take care. ❤💫

3 Reasons You Must Stand Up to Bullying When it First Begins

Read this gem of a blog. I am sure it will help you if you have gone through bullying n it’s still continuing and don’t know what to do about it.. 🙂

Loads in depression.

Sometimes, your biggest achievement is to talk while you have no mental energy to even speak a word,

do all of your works of the day while you have no physical energy either,

And to smile when all you feel is emptiness,

To have hope while all you want is to scream and cry out loud not knowing what to do about what’s bothering you.

(Originally posted on 12th june,2020, when I was in severe depression)

Righteous anger.

When my goodness is not acknowledged

Rather toxicity is made to look like it won

My anger explodes in ways

I am not very proud of

And which can make an onlooker shun.

Suicidal thoughts experienced.

I want to share a part of my experiences for one more time related to suicidal thoughts because of this wave of mental health issues and advices shared due to Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise.

Why do I mostly refer to narcissism and psychopathy related to it the most? Why do you think that it has ingrossed so much inside of me and I observe such traits a lot?? It is because I have gone through that a lot.. I would even name those people responsible for my suicidal thoughts many a times. A few of you even know who I am going to name, so just AT and AT(two different people) would suffice.

When they make groups in which there is a so-called cool, charming, so called helpful co-ordinator the one who has dealt with you in any sense. He stalks you, frustrates the hell out of you, making fun of you and your behaviour, body shaming, calling you weird, psycho, idiot, stupid etc. through those accounts, non-cooperative, selfish, non-productive, unremarkable, the one who doesn’t value relationships, a snake/python, somebody having only bookish knowledge, rude, arrogant etc. etc. He does all this through others or fake identities so that there can be no proof against him. This has been my situation. But I would react through my real identity. And when I did respond calmly knowing that those were provocation tactics and thereafter cut every contact with those fake people and fake accounts, I was considered somebody who does not know how to maintain relationships. I knew my truth and to a good extent their truth as well.

I have been stalked not only through social media but through my neighbourers, electrician and driver as well. They thought that I didn’t get to know what’s going on, actually I had no evidence, so I had to keep quiet and carry on with how it was going on but trust me, it drove me insane to the extent that I myself felt like committing suicide because any and every person I tried to connect with, either of those psychopaths stalked that person as well and made that person join hands with them with their fake sweetness that they wanted to help me. I kept on detaching from every such person on whom I had a doubt that he/she was connected to either of these two, because why would I like to be stalked and mentally abused??

That so-called help was something that I had never asked for. I could ask for help from whomsoever I wanted myself. They just wanted to control me because they had the best source and way i.e. groupism through manipulation of minds. I could a lot of the times sense that they either wanted me to be on their side or they were in competition with me. That competition was about behaviour, they wanted to seem better than me in dealing with others. One of them always wanted to look better than me in intellect, so he always targetted my intellect only; the other one wanted to get *the best* one, if not me, then his partner was brought in competition with me. Snarky comments, taunting, accusing me for things that were actually my rights to do i.e. creating boudaries with them. One of them trying to play the pity party that I did never help him, though initially I was the one who always asked him what his problems were, but he never told, and when I stopped asking, he accused me of being insensitive for not being considerate to him for his so-called help. Let me explain what his help was- I had shared my family related trauma to him (twice), once when he himself shared his first and second time the next year. Okay, so just listening to me this much was a lot of help from his side?? And he always indirectly accused me that I could not understand him. Understand what?? His psychotic shit of stalking, lying, cheating, 3 gfs or multiple sex stories?? Sorry, but I cannot understamd what he meant by the word ‘understand’. He actually has always been in competition since day one because he feels like the most intellectual and most cooperative. He even hates Scorpio zodiac sign because I have scorpio moon sign(western astrology). LOL Sick AF. And whichever account I follow on instagram, he somehow (with fake accounts) try to connect with them as well, making them post stuff that can hit my psyche. And, in the end he wants to feel like he is the only caring one in my life. (Cut me some slack. I know you hate me.)

So, because of such instances I got detached from almost everyone including my school friends, college friends, online friends, I can’t even trust my neighbourers, electrician and driver anymore. Who knows my email id has also been hacked which I made public (unsure about this). I felt so lonely as I could not trust even a single person around. Even I had to break ties from my best friend of years (gaurav) as well. I used to share almost each and everything with him, things that I could never tell even my family members, I had that much trust on him but he as well ditched me by helping these psychopaths (I still can’t fathom how he got swayed by their psychopathic manipulation). So, I, sometimes, even had to fake sweetness to those on whom I had suspicion that they were connected to either or both of them. The more I did this, the more one of those two (the so called intellectual) began calling me fake, dark, psychopath(everything that actually he was, because he could prove it against me in his group and I could not as I did not have such stupid groups of Flying Monkeys).

Even now, whatever I say or do anywhere on social media, he reacts to it in any way possible. I have no other way than ignoring all that crap. For this reason, out of fear of not invoking reactions anymore or being compared with other girls (which is both of their nature i.e. making comparisons), I decreased my activities on social media as well interaction with any person. It was more like if I said I knew everything then I was hallucinating, if I acted like I knew nothing, then I was stupid or ignorant; basically according to them there was something wrong with me all the time and they were the helper.

Groupism in the name of cooperation,comparisons and breaking one’s boundaries are strong traits of narcissistic psychopathy. You will always find the victim lonely, depressed and seething angry from the inside as a result.

I want to say that it is not only about depression, it is more about not finding a way out of a suffocating situation that forces one to commit suicide as it creates a constant state of hopelessness in one’s mind. No matter how good one is doing in one’s life otherwise in terms of money, status, accomplishments, looks or how much strong one is mentally, etc., when one is forced to be controlled and isolated for years directly or indirectly, be it from family, friends, colleagues or otherwise, then it definitely creates an eternal void in someone’s mind. It is not about mental strength or mental weakness, it is more about not wanting to deal with an unbearable situation anymore, one loses hope about having any other possibility. Lucky are those who find the alternatives and tend to keep going.


“At the least, he doesn’t hate me” says a lot about your past experiences with psychopaths, the pain that you felt and the self-worth that you lowered due to them.


Honestly, I am more disappointed with myself rather than disappointed with him for taking him as having good intentions at last, despite knowing the reality of his character for years.

Some dynamics stay the same,

Don’t blame the events,

When energy can be nothing but the same,

Forgiveness is a good virtue

Not for those having no sense of accountability

Or who just like to slip away

without any apology

They are toxic

No matter if you wanted to keep them close

Or if you did let them stay away.


My sleeplessness and nightmares are in constant battle

Of ‘which state is painful more.’

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