Bigger reason.

If you have asked yourself many a times, like me,

“Why am I alive??”

Your life has been a hell

But also

Your life is going to be a blessing for others,

Focus on your higher purpose,

You are not made to live for yourself only,

You will get a good answer to the WHY some day.


They fear change

I fear status quo,

Imagine anyone had a choice not to grow.


I was used to choosing my battles very wisely,

Till the time people began to take my silence, humility n modesty for me as a fool,

Now I feel like running all over those battles and those people

Ending them completely useless n worthless

Till I collect my cool.


Flustered by feelings

I kept searching for something to calm down my reelings,

But all in vain

They kept on peaking it to the highest range

Letting it never to end

It had no sealing

But then I found

What I was searching for

was within me

Always in me.


My sense of independence is my biggest fetter

I rebel where most people won’t

And cooperate where most people don’t

Because I want something different

Different from what they know n what they are used to

I want something unexplored

Where they will never let me go n do what I intend to do

So I stay away

Pushing everyone away

Because I want to breath, think, feel and do everything freely

As you can’t control air

And if you do it turns into a storm

I do the same

And break every chain to stay free

But my sense of freedom fetters me

It doesn’t let me come close to anyone

Bcz I don’t want to be controlled with their judgements

I just want to live n love freely.


I can only tell how much free I feel now

Free to speak up my mind

Free to act my heart out

Free to love anyone I want to

Free to choose what to make my life about,

Shackled I felt

For a really long time

To soothe someone’s ego

To soothe one’s mind,

Out of respect I did it so wrong

That I cared about one’s selfishness

made my freedom in those shackles grind.

Zapped words.

I hope my silence speaks

Because my words are never enough.

Oneness and need.

If you cannot understand me,

Just know how difficult it is to be

For a flower to live with fire within

That is it,

This is me,

I know I have, to grow, a room;

And I know in my heart,

That the fiery one can be one with me

Like we are an inseparable whole,

But for the time being I need somebody

Who has the nature like water

That can only make me bloom.