Love gone right.

Dirty thoughts going dirtier

For that only one

with whom it’s meant to be;

You looking at me with something in your eyes

Something so carnal that in a split second took my breath away

Without a single touch you are calling me in

Something so pure, so raw, so wild

Like you have been thirsty for years

Something calling me to be food for your soul

And body

Yes, for you I’m not minding to be called ‘food’

Because I am yours and you are mine;

Your thoughts are running wild

Your wildest fantacies playing on your mind

With aching slowness

turning into reality

With every hold you take of me

With every glide of your tongue on my neck

With every bite on my lips

With every nibble of my bare breasts

With every thrust of you inside of me

Pushing me through to a world

A nastier, sexier, lovlier world

Where reside, love and quench lust

Together you and me.

A beginning of passion, love, lust and intimacy. ❤