Did I confuse anyone??

It’s frustrating to think about some really witty stuff to post and forget it the next day. Now I need to attack someone on a mental and emotional level to satiate my desire to be funny. I mean FUNNY !! funny, not haha funny.

You can take it either as desire already satiated or as a confession. I won’t explain in reply, either perception. Though I am not meany mean, yet I might have a median about it.


(PS- It’s just a sarcasm, intending to portray myself as a bad person, and I actually did not intend to attack anyone. 🙊😛)


From LOL to LMAO,

We all understood the importance of our ass.


Once in a year I realize that I have more than 2400 screenshots in my phone that I never look at ever again; I look at the count though.

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