To each, his due.

Giving each his due

Making them taste their own medicine

Those forgotten offences reverted back

Feels good sometimes,

Releasing toxic people on a good note

Doesn’t work so well

They come back over n over again

To get the good treatment again

Giving them their due

The old forgotten words said to you by them

The old pending toxic energy given to you

Releasing back at them

Feels great sometimes,

Unearned toxicity from others

Released back at them

Removes indebtedness of it from the past times.

Bigger reason.

If you have asked yourself many a times, like me,

“Why am I alive??”

Your life has been a hell

But also

Your life is going to be a blessing for others,

Focus on your higher purpose,

You are not made to live for yourself only,

You will get a good answer to the WHY some day.


They fear change

I fear status quo,

Imagine anyone had a choice not to grow.


I was used to choosing my battles very wisely,

Till the time people began to take my silence, humility n modesty for me as a fool,

Now I feel like running all over those battles and those people

Ending them completely useless n worthless

Till I collect my cool.


Flustered by feelings

I kept searching for something to calm down my reelings,

But all in vain

They kept on peaking it to the highest range

Letting it never to end

It had no sealing

But then I found

What I was searching for

was within me

Always in me.


My sense of independence is my biggest fetter

I rebel where most people won’t

And cooperate where most people don’t

Because I want something different

Different from what they know n what they are used to

I want something unexplored

Where they will never let me go n do what I intend to do

So I stay away

Pushing everyone away

Because I want to breath, think, feel and do everything freely

As you can’t control air

And if you do it turns into a storm

I do the same

And break every chain to stay free

But my sense of freedom fetters me

It doesn’t let me come close to anyone

Bcz I don’t want to be controlled with their judgements

I just want to live n love freely.


They took the skin of those who shed it long ago,

They gulped the venom of those who spitted it on the ground,

They did not even have the filth of their own

Just emptiness

Mere void

That they could fill with every iota of rubbish they could collect

And when it became very sluggish for them to move with that burden

Their vertebrae made them dance on the tunes of those

Whose demons could drive them crazy with a loud pitch of a certain tune

They felt dizzy,

so much in haze

That they could not recognize who they were and are anymore

They kept on dancing to those tunes

Until they needed to shed that borrowed skin

And gulp that vemon they were so desperately trying to spit at somebody else,

Those were the snakes,




Until they began break dancing and finally breaking their own fragile structures,

Ending up into nothing

Just vanishing from the sight

Like they never existed

And that was true

They never had any existence worthwhile,

Charmed by anything

And rotten by themselves,

This was their life

And only this was their destiny that could be true.

Lost trust in being loved, not in love.

I used to think that maybe my love will be enough for ‘us’ two

But then you tore me down, my core on love so badly

and my belief that I am worthy of being loved

That now even if somebody will give me everything

And say a million times that he loves me

I’d still doubt if I am actually being loved

Or am I just a temporary thing.

Zapped words.

I hope my silence speaks

Because my words are never enough.

I mean this n that. ❤

Let’s do something that may leave me speechless,

And you wanting for more.