Showing off now, once n for all those MFs.

BA, LLB, MA(Pol.Sci), Researcher(pol.sci), 1-yr course in each-Criminology; Law n Med; Counselling.
Advocate, author(international law,fiction), poet, blogger, painter/sketcher, music creator, handicraft maker, linguist (english,hindi,punjabi,french,spanish). Cleared CLAT, AIBE, NET-JRF, HC CLERICAL EXAM, ICICI PROBATIONARY OFFICER EXAM.

Literally, Not Enough Space In Bio To Describe Myself.

I guess describing is insufficient for those motherfucker energy leeches. They’d need proofs as well and when I’ll give the proofs, they’d ask what did I gain from studying that much. If I’ll reveal about my finances, they will come as gold-digger motherfuckers. These show-off bitches don’t Shut The Fuck Up until you become just like them.

For your information, by studying this much I learnt How not to be STUPID NARCISSISTIC GOLD-DIGGER MOTHERFUCKER LIKE YOU. And by the way, why don’t you show ever what you are upto??? I will sooner or later upgrade myself from this as well, but you will carry on with your psychopathy throughout your life gaining sympathy and trying to bring others down who do not give a Shit to you otherwise.



I was used to choosing my battles very wisely,

Till the time people began to take my silence, humility n modesty for me as a fool,

Now I feel like running all over those battles and those people

Ending them completely useless n worthless

Till I collect my cool.

One core reason of narcissistic males in India.

A big part of personality development is played by parental control in childhood. It’s basic but many people ignore this. Most of the narcissists (almost all) have had either very loose or too strict parental control or parents completely absent from life in the early childhood.

In India particular, many males turn into bodily grown immature children because they are given too many privileges just because of their gender (i.e. very loose parental control dysfunction). They may be behaving stupid as fuck in their childhood, still they are loved the parents because THEIR SON IS SOMETHING THEY HAVE GOT AFTER SO MANY RELIGIOUS PRACTICES AND PRAYERS THAT HE HAS ATTAINED ALMOST THE KINGLY PLACE IN THEIR LIFE and he can behave any way he wants to. This kind of unreasonable loose control over a child makes him think that it’s okay to behave any way he wants to with whomsoever because his first social school i.e. his family has not taught him properly the meaning of boundaries i.e. what belongs to others and what to himself, how to behave, how to take care of himself, how not to destroy anything belonging to others and how not to be a burden on others physically, emotionally or mentally. I would like to compare here a bit. When I was about 2-3 years old, I was told by my family “you don’t have to touch anything when you go to xyz home or take anything from anyone unless we permit you to, you will not be called a good person if you will do” and other things as such. I am sure a small fraction of families teach boundaries to their male children as well but what about when they grow up or are growing (in their adolescence) ?? They let them be connected with other immature boys which ends into all of them learning things which are not safe to know for their age in a disorganised way (here I am talking about sexuality because sex education is important but how adolescents learn about it from each-other is completely unhealthy, specially in India) and due to lack of much needed parental control in that age, alongwith loose control during their early childhood, they turn into disrespecting adult bodies (adult bodies because they cannot be considered adults for their childish/under-grown mentality). Then they take everything as their own, including girls/women as objects to play with for their mental satisfaction, without any sense of respect towards them as equals (because they have not been taught virtues like equality nor they have been capable of learning it on their own). Some of them grow into really sick individuals who even put the burden of them being cared for on their partner, and the care they demand is not the one of a partners’ dynamic but is of a parent-child dynamic, and whosoever does not adhere to their childlike mental needs and adult-like physical needs is discarded and replaced. This circle keeps on continuing till they get their perfect partner who is ready to be their care-giver, ego-booster and libido-pleaser, all in one- a ready to be repressed woman. Those overly grown children with high ego disrespect females (their partners, exes, crushes, female friends, etc.) and find it funny and still want to be adored and come back to the same females when they feel like they(women/girls) are doing better without them and/or are independent ones. Actually, grown up men also like independent women but they also respect them whereas psychotic-narcissistic ones come back to them over and over again out of compulsion when they see that they could not destroy those women/girls because their ego keeps them in their fantasy of being an irreplaceable god-like figure which was imbibed into their undergrown minds in their childhood by their own families, and this continues till they die, unless they opt for taking professional help to improve upon themselves, which is rare, because such egoistic men/boys never think that anything is wrong with them. They can be inherently stupid, and they would still think that they are funny, jolly and good to be around. They can be quite average mentally and they would still think that they are superior than others and whosoever (mostly females) they find better mentally, they either test her or tease her incessantly to the point of breaking her mentally, so that other people can never call her better than that psychotic-egoistic-narcissistic boy.

I wish that the parents of such boys have had taught such boys good values and boundaries in their childhood and slapped them really hard when they acted incessantly errant over and over again, so that women wouldn’t have felt the need to parent them by either giving them care or slapping them hard on their face in their adulthood !!

Mouths in business.

It’s amusing to know that I either am accepting of other peoples’ ways

or I simply don’t give a fuck,

But about all of my ways, behaviour and choices

Numerous mouths begin to quack like a dumb ass duck.


Internal dialogue-narcissists and educated empath.

How narcissists’ minds work:

We will abuse you and your boundaries time and time again and if you suffer from it, we will give you a little bit of sympathy or will try to shatter you more if you try to expose us or our forever pathologically set minds. You will say “you can’t” but we will because we know we have always done that to many before you and will do with many after you because we stay in groups; if one falls off the track, the other one takes his place. We cannot be caught because of that, because we call our psychopathic groupism and weakness as our strength as we do not know that it’s our weakness.

My view-point about their behaviour:

Don’t worry. I know it is a mental sickness n you have my sympathy till you don’t offend me actually. It’s an incurable disease. It’s okay if you behave childish and do not know better or you think that you know better than others and still cannot behave like a mature adult. I understand this problem to its core. I have dealt with many like you in the past, even worse; you are nothing better even in psychopathy I guess. And trust me, it doesn’t bother me that much now because it is what it is; you cannot improve upon yourself and your ways, but I can, and I am at peace with it. Sorry for you though, that you have lost many authentic people in the process but I know you cannot do anything about it, it’s not in your capacity. You are mentally sick and/or under-developed, and nobody can do anything about your condition. Nobody can burden you more because you are already a burden on yourself.


It’s naive to think that those who love you know everything about you,

mostly, those who are envious of you know every tiny detail of anything that you let out anywhere.


Kudos to those who try to empower others,

Try to uplift others when they get a hint of their downfall,

Try to spread love and positivity when they know they are only giving,

Try to stay calm even when others are not receptive of their goodness,

Try to rise even though they are not at a better place than many,

Try to connect to their spiritual side even when they are ruminating in darkness,

I am sure universe will reward those pure hearts with the same goodness and blessings in life,

That they try to give to others,

If not through the same people, then through other means,

Gates of blessings by the universe are innumerable,

Even if a few will close, they will be bestowed with many others.

Honesty is the best policy.

I read a bio of a guy on tinder a couple of weeks ago, really good-looking one (I have to add this, I’ll explain later on why)


I swiped right but couldn’t talk much as I was not in the mood to talk to anyone in those days; but surely, that guy had my respect for his level of honesty, keeping in his own mind his good looks and probably his intellectual stance, he could easily cheat upon his partner or any girl on tinder as most of the people do by hiding their relationship status.

(Though I am keeping in mind the possibility of cheating upon his partner by asking for a hookup to any girl on tinder, as possibility can be anything.)

One by two.

It’s the privilege for soups,

Not people.

Beautiful people.

I find divine like beauty in people who try their best not to take advantage of anyone; those who try to help others even when they know it’s not their duty; those who feel accountable for each and every action of theirs; those who treat others equally as important as they want to be treated; those who empathise with other’s not only in words but in their actions as well; those who are not always flying in their ego and understand that others might have faced worse hardships than them and thus stay grounded most of the times; those who let others live freely and not free them only after taking advantage of their goodness; those who reciprocate kindness; those who love with all their heart and soul and not only when it’s convenient for them (love doesn’t operate with convenience anyway, it’s ego).