Bigger reason.

If you have asked yourself many a times, like me,

“Why am I alive??”

Your life has been a hell

But also

Your life is going to be a blessing for others,

Focus on your higher purpose,

You are not made to live for yourself only,

You will get a good answer to the WHY some day.


Flustered by feelings

I kept searching for something to calm down my reelings,

But all in vain

They kept on peaking it to the highest range

Letting it never to end

It had no sealing

But then I found

What I was searching for

was within me

Always in me.

Honesty is the best policy.

I read a bio of a guy on tinder a couple of weeks ago, really good-looking one (I have to add this, I’ll explain later on why)


I swiped right but couldn’t talk much as I was not in the mood to talk to anyone in those days; but surely, that guy had my respect for his level of honesty, keeping in his own mind his good looks and probably his intellectual stance, he could easily cheat upon his partner or any girl on tinder as most of the people do by hiding their relationship status.

(Though I am keeping in mind the possibility of cheating upon his partner by asking for a hookup to any girl on tinder, as possibility can be anything.)


I can only tell how much free I feel now

Free to speak up my mind

Free to act my heart out

Free to love anyone I want to

Free to choose what to make my life about,

Shackled I felt

For a really long time

To soothe someone’s ego

To soothe one’s mind,

Out of respect I did it so wrong

That I cared about one’s selfishness

made my freedom in those shackles grind.

Freedom of speech and expression is both public and personal to you.

It’s okay if you do not like to talk about social issues on social media all the time uselessly i.e. just whining and complaining about what’s going wrong and still being unable to do anything about how it can be corrected; also, it’s okay to do it. There is no thumb rule as to what you have to talk about and what not. You may be a chatterbox on social media and still like to stay alone without talking to anyone in real, or quiet and unrevealing on social media yet a very open-minded and open-hearted person in real. You may be deconstructing and strategizing, thinking about public issues minutely in your mind, yet not revealing a thing to anyone, or you may just be sharing what’s already given everywhere yet not going anywhere with it.

Just do what you feel like doing, you have been given right to freedom of speech and expression for a reason and nobody shall stop you directly or indirectly from using it.


Zapped words.

I hope my silence speaks

Because my words are never enough.

Basic for good mental health. 💐

“Those who stay in their lane,

Stay sane.”

It’s that simple.

Need to unfuck..

I have seen your five hundred shades of fuckedupness,

But I am sure you have five thousand more,

I’d love to seize the opportunity to know,

Not just for the sake of knowing

But for removing anything about you

From my mind that’s obscure;

Believe me, I don’t want to take your burdens,

I have many of my own,

I just want to uncage you

From the bounds of your own mind,

I want to bury the seeds of love,

Water them with care

So that we can reap the eternal love that is sown.

Holistic neutrality.

It’s not about a single race,

A single person,

A single place,

It’s more about the power in the wrong hands,

That many go through unsafe periods of even personal space;

“Power does corrupt

Absolute power corrupts absolutely”,

Laski was right..

If you ask me

there is no single ideology alone

That can lead and develop the world,

Holistic approach can only save us

Against this corruptive fight.


Love never lies,

Love is not blind..

This is a blessing,

Only one of its kind.