Thought-Latent enmity.

Most of the times, I have to make peace with thr fact that most people won’t like my work just because it’s done by me.

Quote-Taking time.

The way I do things slowly n surely

Makes me appreciate my anxiety more sometimes.



before your any child

your wife calls you “daddy”.

(Previously posted on 16th march,2020)

Quote-Newest crush 🤣

Do you ever look at you and start having a crush on yourself??

Brain struggles. 🤣

My right brain to me: You are not meaningless. You are more precious than the moon 😍❤

My left brain: Of course, the moon is all barren.

Wandering soul..

Wanderlusting a different place

every single week,

I still have the audacity to say

I am not a freak,

I don’t know where I will truly find solace,

Since I know his arms are my truly peaceful place.


When you reach the place where you prayed to find someone new, and you got him, and then lost, after a few years, it feels really weird-Dukhniwaran Sahib, Patiala.

Extra mess !!

I genuinely feel that if there were no extra energies, the alignments would have been much much easier; and that goes for literally everything.

Be careful..

When you add all the girls, you are flirting with, on a new whatsapp group thinking that you just created a broadcast list. 😜😂🤣😛

Love ❤

You are a breathe of fresh air,

filling my whole existence with love.