What if??

What if

I act like a brat sometimes,

just so that

you can be angry with me

and unleash that force,

onto me,

In bed

And melt me

with your heat….

(26th Sept, 2020)

Notice yourself more.

Before commenting on anyone’s diet or body, remind yourself that you need about 10-15 cosmetic/plastic surgeries on your face that you never even notice.

Quote-Latent Enmity..

Stay away from any person who always says and shows that they want the best for you but resents the time you start doing something good for you. These are the kind of people who are your frenemies whether they know it or not.

No special grants for anyone-Burnt Bridges Forever.

Burnt bridges cannot be re-established.

If any past so-called friend or classmate wants to come back to me after joining hands with people I hated, seriously, know that I am not that stupid to let you in. If I had done that to you, you would have left longer before I did. You people are too sick for my mental health.


PS- This is for both guys’ and girls’ groups. And I hope no trial will be made by any such group.

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