Don’t misunderstand this..

Imagine you trying your best to make me jealous and I am not even attentive towards you and a few months later I get to know what you were doing and I am like “oh that was you..? Not the one I liked..Nevermind..You don’t matter anyway..”

Because the Situation is exactly this..and has been this in the past as well.. 😂

Also, other people telling me “Don’t beg anyone for love (they considering a particular person)”

Me: First of all, I am trying to push them away.

Again, True AF.

That’s how much people misunderstand me. I am kind to those who are kind to me but I am detached as well and I know when to do what with whom, more and better than others can advise me, because experiences with wrong people teach a lot!!


I guess half of my life will be spent saying “Oh no..Dumbfuck..That was not for you..” to a lot many people..

Isn’t it very obvious when one is writing something on a public platform that it’s written for anyone and everyone who can read it?? AND isn’t true that if it doesn’t resonate with a situation with someone, it’s not for them?? Isn’t it right that I won’t have a beef with anyone for no reason and won’t write something against anyone if I don’t have a clear beef with that person?? I mean, how do people even take some things so personally?? Specially those whom I never connected with anywhere (on social media or in real) and have had nothing to do with..

Seriously, it’s exasperating to know that some people are too stupid that they take everything on them and have beef for no reason. If they have problems with their own self unconsciously, they shall seek professional psycho-therapeutic help rather than beefing with other people for no reason.

But.. One thing is assured that those people who are having problem with what I write or do, had hatred, competition and beef with me since a long time, the time I had no idea about their sickness.

Never a misunderstanding.

Some unfaithful and cheating men/women be like “you/they don’t understand me.”

“We, the stable minded people, do understand you Baby Girl/Baby Boy. We understand what you are doing. We understand that you do not have the maturity in you. We understand that you do not have good self-control and we do understand that you are just trying to play with other people’s minds and emotions dependent upon your own fickle-mindedness and selfishness. Believe me, we do understand you really well.”

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