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Munching over??

They might have got a few crumbs from somebody by talking shit about you for a few days,

What now??

Empty handed??


Stay away from fake helpers(psychopaths) in order to really heal.

If you really want to heal, do not let any psychopath from your past help you even a bit. Some of them just want to boost their ego by doing so and others want to get something from you again, specially when you have had an experience of their selfishness in the past in the same sequence. If you let it happen, then the burden is put on you that you did not pay back, and then you will find yourself in the same loop of taking and giving ration of 1:2 (or maybe more). It’s not in the blood of some people to help without expecting something in return. Manipulation begins by giving you crumbs first and then expecting the whole loaf in return which you cannot afford over n over again with the same people and left with nothing in the end. If you will be unable to return the favour or will give equally and yet not what they want from you in return, you will be called selfish; if you will return them well and stop giving at some point, they will call you selfish again or somebody having no integrity; whereas if you will deny to get any help, you will be called egoistic. In any situation, you will be blamed for anything you will do just to keep you tied to their little finger or to make you a doormat for their mental and emotional filth. Some of those bitches would love to see you suffer emotionally because of their own miserable mentality. Here, let me tell you, being called egoistic for cutting them off is much much better than going through the same manipulative loop, getting your energy drained completely, losing a lot of relationships, your ability to trust anyone, your mental and physical health, etc. You have to remember that this psychopathy(narcissistic disorder) has no cure. It’s better to kick those people out of your life rather than being manipulated immensely, just because you want to look like a good person. You will find some much better people in the future for sure who will match your level of honesty, loyalty and integrity.


I can only tell how much free I feel now

Free to speak up my mind

Free to act my heart out

Free to love anyone I want to

Free to choose what to make my life about,

Shackled I felt

For a really long time

To soothe someone’s ego

To soothe one’s mind,

Out of respect I did it so wrong

That I cared about one’s selfishness

made my freedom in those shackles grind.

AT and AT-(hidden narcissistic loop-2,trying to control other person)

I am sure many people interfere and try to spoil somebody’s love but you can only add to one’s anxiety and depression but cannot reduce love one feels for another but your ego will never let you understand this. Using controlled posts to hit on one’s psyche or trying to talk to that person by using other people’s account which that person cannot recognise easily means shit when somebody knows that you are a piece of shit who has been doing that from years. You may succeed in between because that person did not have you even in the back of their mind because to begin with, you are not important but you can’t digest that, so you try your best to ruin other people’s life, love, psyche or whatever. When you know that the other person did not get to know about it, you cover your innate negativity with something positive to ‘show’ how helpful you are but know that sooner or later, one gets to know the truth, hell, you yourself tell exactly what you are.

Seriously, get that when somebody doesn’t like you because of your past behaviour, you can only add to the negativity one has for you. END OF STORY !! Stop being so sick that you cannot see somebody healing or getting his/her true love. You have ruined all of my relationships because whomsoever I ever trusted, you reached them and used them in knowing about me or controlling me and my mind. Just fucking stop poking your nose and have your own shit together because clearly how much you interfere in others’ lives only means that your own life is disturbed but healthy individuals who really want to help others first sort out their own chaotic life, so that they can provide others with healthy solutions as well, unlike you, who just wants to see others in the same chaos that you are in but still wants to look like the good one, a helper, fucking suffocating somebody to the point where they stop talking to anyone or reaction to social media posts or dealing with people in general. If you don’t know that causing this much distress due to your stalking is a crime in India which actually invites punishment then keep this in mind. And I can’t tell enough how much my brain is burnt out because of your stupid shit and THE PIECE OF SHIT THAT YOU ARE. My this stance is not going to change ever now onwards, because every time I begin to respect you, sooner or later, you show me why I should not have; at most,I thought we could be good friends, nothing else, but I am better away from anybody like you. You are a bloody curse in my life.


“What the hell is happening here”

Anxiety screams, hair prickles,

“Oh baby.. You don’t need to know”

Sanity reclaims, “relax your knuckles.”

Take the right stand, don’t get swayed.

You will always see a wrong doer/criminal/psycho doing something impressive right before and after doing something sneaky, so that nobody believes the victim or the consequences of the exposure of reality can be softened. It does not happen because the culprit has changed, it happens just to avoid the feelings of shame and punishment. It does not happen because the wrong was done in innocense, it happens because the culprit is clever and evil to put a veil on everything or anything wrong done to others.

Sorry for those who cannot see reality clearly,

Sorry for those who believe the glitters put over shit.

Softening up or having empathy for the culprit is indeed one of the ways to create injustice against the victim.

Keeping your eyes closed to the sickness will not vanish the sickness,

it always needs some medicine to be cured,

and unrecognized sickness can kill,

Both the sick one and many other innocent ones in the end if left uncured.

Extra public that has never been friendly otherwise.

How can you be happy on somebody’s heartbreak??

You think that love is a rat race??

If one is heart-broken from somebody else

You think you have gained that one by default??

Like one has to belong to one or the other

Rather than being for oneself during that halt,

Nobody needs your sympathy or applause,

Please meet a psychiatrist if you cannot understand this simple stance,

Rather than like this falling from grace.


“At the least, he doesn’t hate me” says a lot about your past experiences with psychopaths, the pain that you felt and the self-worth that you lowered due to them.

Not a stalker.

I don’t keep on stalking anyone

Unlike bitches do,

When my intuition hits me hard that something is going wrong

Only then I try to find the cue.