Loss of a life is a big loss.

It’s so sad to see people dying suddenly; some in accidents and some martyred during attacks. We can only think about it but only their families know how it must be feeling. Loss of a life is a big loss which can never be repaired, no matter how hard one tries. This is something some people never learn, most probably because they have not gone through that pain or probably they are on the opposite side of humanity which believes in taking human beings as only some tangible things. Life of any person is important, doesn’t matter if they belong to your family, culture, region, religion, nation, or not.

RIP The Bravest Children Of The Motherland.

They will evoke the sentiments of general public

In the name of patriotism

You will live in difficult conditions qhole of your life

Or fight and ultimately kill or die

How many of their relatives follow the same norm?

For me the idea of dying for the motherland is a biggest lie

When they themselves cannot save the children of the same motherland

And let them go back safely to their home,

I don’t demand pardon for such view

I love my nation

But I find this quite abnormal

Where some have to suffer the most

Under the directions of a politically powerful few.

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