Horoscope be lying constantly

My horoscope constantly saying, for days, that I would be let down by my partner today that might break my marriage. Thank Goodness, I have no partner.

Also, it is saying that I would go on a romantic trip today..

*sad tunes*

*loud noises in my mind*


*horoscope makers gone mad*

*horoscope is a scam*

*somebody kill me now*

*rolling eyes till hypothalamus*


From LOL to LMAO,

We all understood the importance of our ass.

Why so peaceful??


Because convicted as a murderer doesn’t go down well in resume.



Therapist: What do we do when we like someone?

Me: We stay quiet and use telepathy so that that person may know what’s in our mind.

Therapist: HELL NO !!



Throw a bro at everyone,

Don’t care who is in front of you

Just ‘Bro’ them

Got it? didn’t you??



your wife calls you “daddy”

before your any child.

(Previously posted on 16th march,2020)

Hair care..😂

Once upon a time I had long straightened hair,

Now all I do is cook maggi on my head under shower.

Powerpuff girls vs mojo-jojo 🤣

Some people not being cute monkeys,

But having a whole vibe of Mojo-Jojo.

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