Named murdock

Clothes having frills

Writing like shakespeare

He never knew any fight or thrill

Inept at routine

You think name is identity or any bound to the will??

(23rd March, 2020)

One kiss for a lifetime.

Words don’t matter,

One kiss will tell you everything.

(3rd dec,2020)


In mood of writing a sad poem..

But for what??

Maybe you are just anxious..

Being sad is really not your aim..

Ice cream 👅

What’s the point of looking like strawberry n vanilla ice cream when nobody is going to lick.



Imagine love

Think about Y n X

Now read it again.


I am patient enough for anything

Or a kiss,


Until he is mine,

I am not his.


‘Audi alteram partem’

-Nobody cares-

Just pick up the killed

N get done the post mortem.

I’ve got fire in my veins

With your punk in my soul,

Baby, lemme love you

Let’s feel lil bit more whole.

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