Green grass..

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the grass is still greener here and your envy n toxicity is not gonna change that. Grass stays abundantly green because of Karma- Intentions and actions combined. Watch yours or you will be left barren completely.

Do I describe or do I demean?

The reason why I call some things like exercising BASIC? It is called so because it is basic. I used to exercise a lot daily apart from doing other PRODUCTIVE things and earning money and studying. The screenshot above from the last year is just for the example. I used to do a lot of strength training as well like tricep extentions 100 reps with 2 kg dumbell with each arm, 500 tummy twists, 20 planks, 30 squats, 200 arms rotations etc. each in one set every day, apart from cycling 2-3 hours or walking for at least 10,000 steps.

I talk about things and categorise according to My Level of doing things. So, if any insecure person thinks that I do it to demean, it’s that person’s problem and manipulation to show other people that I am the toxic one whereas hiding that person’s own toxicity n manipulation. When I want to DEMEAN AS A REACTION or keep one in one’s place, I do it very openly, exposing myself to open criticism and innuendos of a psychopath narc n flying monkeys.

So keep in mind that what I say is about me n if a psychopath wants to copy and/or compare to provoke me, the reaction will be there. Not always though, because I usually consider such dummies DEAD. The narc who provokes me secretly, do it so to get those reactions or wants to be compared all the time and FAILS in being the better one, then goes on to get some SYMPATHY from others. It’s like either GODLY or POOR VICTIM.

I describe myself authentically be it in anger, love, or any other emotion. I am not fond of being FAKE n HYPOCRITE, nor I can keep such people around nor people who associate with a FAKE n HYPOCRITE.


Since childhood I tried to make people so comfortable that I did hide a lot of my potential and reality in which I was better than them in so many ways just so that nobody would be hurt by it or feel inferior. For example, whenever any new teacher asked about the top 3 toppers to stand up to be acknowledged I didn’t stand up despite staying in the TOP 2 positions for 7 years. I didn’t let anyone know about my family’s property. I didn’t let anyone know about my own income. I didn’t try to show off my looks. I didn’t tell anyone about all of my degrees at once. I didn’t try to make even my ex’s exes uncomfortable in any way n tried to even comfort them, and the list goes on.

Now, when I reveal things without attacking, people still feel attacked and their inferiority complexes start coming to the fore.

SPECIFIC MESSAGE FOR A SPECIFIC B**CH- “Not my problem.. There is still too much in store. Stop stalking if you feel bad or inferior because of what I am and what I bring to the table. It’s not my duty to comfort people who are jealous and compete with me for no reason.” AND YES, I am so confident quietly that it unnerves a few people just because of my aura, and trust me 95% of the times, I don’t even need to show or brag about my achievements for that. Egoistic people with inferiority complexes compete with me and they will keep doing so, but have you realised that I have stopped reacting to that now?? You know why?? Because I am pretty confident in myself and I know where I am going.

So, CUTTING THE CRAP without even saying usually (it’s been months).

I seriously cannot make every low IQ, low EQ, and Spiritually Blind person think that how good I am with people who are equally good to me and be aware of my inner light.

Aaaannddd, I knooow it gets lonely at the level I am at but people like you will stay in Your Envy and Your Shit At The Bottom Only With That Shitty Crowd! (Keep bragging about having FAKESHIT people by your side that I eliminated myself from my life. The way you are using people to boost your ego makes your level right BELOW MY FOOT. LOSER DUMBO.👎)

Tragic irony..

You will see a jealous soul never growing,

It will burn despite having everything

That you love,

And it will always be

Because it can never do

The way you love.

Haters are always unreasonable.

You get on nerves of your haters even if you talk about love. They are energy vampires. They just want to suck the life out of you.
They bullshit on everything you think out loud or do.
They cannot see you being you.
They have no reason for hating you.
They just do.


If you are happy on somebody hating another,

You are stupid; (none of them has anything to do with you)

If you are jealous of somebody loving another,

You are weak; (one of them has definitely nothing to do with you)

If you are envious of somebody’s self-love,

You are an undiagnosed psychopath. (Nobody has anything to do with you)

No special grants for anyone-Burnt Bridges Forever.

Burnt bridges cannot be re-established.

If any past so-called friend or classmate wants to come back to me after joining hands with people I hated, seriously, know that I am not that stupid to let you in. If I had done that to you, you would have left longer before I did. You people are too sick for my mental health.


PS- This is for both guys’ and girls’ groups. And I hope no trial will be made by any such group.

Know the real deal.

It’s good to be co-operative,

But not that much that you turn your back towards your enemies or haters as an invitation to them to stab you,

Even if it’s just a filthy talk,

You never know who hates you and for what reasons,

thus once you notice any red flag,

I hope you don’t try to turn it into a white flag of peace,

Or try to be a dove in front of a hawk.


Jealousy shows in that when you want to compete even at the hint of somebody initiating something new.

Jealousy shows in that when in something you are already doing well and still cannot see the other person growing.

Jealousy shows in that when you try to become what somebody already is.

Jealousy shows in that when you try to copy somebody and then expect yourself beating in their own area of expertise.

Jealousy shows in that when somebody’s goodness irritates the hell out of you.

Jealousy shows in what you want to show, more than in what you want to be, though what you show is what you want to be.

Jealousy is having a high competitive streak against a particular person, despite that person not participating in it.