Since childhood I tried to make people so comfortable that I did hide a lot of my potential and reality in which I was better than them in so many ways just so that nobody would be hurt by it or feel inferior. For example, whenever any new teacher asked about the top 3 toppers to stand up to be acknowledged I didn’t stand up despite staying in the TOP 2 positions for 7 years. I didn’t let anyone know about my family’s property. I didn’t let anyone know about my own income. I didn’t try to show off my looks. I didn’t tell anyone about all of my degrees at once. I didn’t try to make even my ex’s exes uncomfortable in any way n tried to even comfort them, and the list goes on.

Now, when I reveal things without attacking, people still feel attacked and their inferiority complexes start coming to the fore.

SPECIFIC MESSAGE FOR A SPECIFIC B**CH- “Not my problem.. There is still too much in store. Stop stalking if you feel bad or inferior because of what I am and what I bring to the table. It’s not my duty to comfort people who are jealous and compete with me for no reason.” AND YES, I am so confident quietly that it unnerves a few people just because of my aura, and trust me 95% of the times, I don’t even need to show or brag about my achievements for that. Egoistic people with inferiority complexes compete with me and they will keep doing so, but have you realised that I have stopped reacting to that now?? You know why?? Because I am pretty confident in myself and I know where I am going.

So, CUTTING THE CRAP without even saying usually (it’s been months).

I seriously cannot make every low IQ, low EQ, and Spiritually Blind person think that how good I am with people who are equally good to me and be aware of my inner light.

Aaaannddd, I knooow it gets lonely at the level I am at but people like you will stay in Your Envy and Your Shit At The Bottom Only With That Shitty Crowd! (Keep bragging about having FAKESHIT people by your side that I eliminated myself from my life. The way you are using people to boost your ego makes your level right BELOW MY FOOT. LOSER DUMBO.👎)

An advice for Alpha females for marriage..

I want to give an advice to young women/girls who want to get married at some point in their life. Actually, there are many points that I want to discuss under this topic and you may also find many advices online as well as offline regarding marriage. But there is one point that I want to put some light on which is often ignored while considering a life partner.

If you are a woman who is ambitious, takes her own decisions, works her ass off, is a go-getter, and is a provider, in short, the one who has most of the qualities of an Alpha Female, you need to see the family structure of the man if you are interested in him for marriage or life partnership or relationship. I am saying this because I have seen this pattern a lot in society that when and if the females of the family in which a man has grown up, did not work in office, and were by nature-submissive, coy, and silent, that man is going to want the same from his life-partner sub-consciously. It doesn’t matter how much educated or modernised he became, the years (decades) of mental training he got from his family sub-consciously is not going to change even if he finds the otherwise for himself consciously. He would want you to be the same meek and coy woman. Your boundaries will be aggressive to him. Your desires and ambition will make him feel insecure and he would like to impose his dogmatic thinking upon you just like his family’s females were pressed upon and taught to abide by the thinking and orders of the men in his family. He cannot comprehend that you can Think and Do better than him. His insecurities will start acting up whenever you will point out at his flaws, even if done politely. He may even be envious of your work and power because he was conditioned in his psyche’s developmental stages that women are not the Alpha and are meant to be protected and guided only. He may point at your frankness as rudeness. For him, submissive silence is elegance and speaking your mind will be needed to be in a controlled manner according to his dictates.

There will be, most of the times, power struggle between you two because you are an Alpha female and he may feel powerless because of that, so he will try to over-power you to soothe his ill-conditioned mind, and then there might be fights, manipulation and even separation between you two.

What do you think-is it better not to engage with such a man or is it better to engage and then be forced to leave in the end?? Or you can be ultra-submissive just like his family’s females and give upon your own power and capabilities and ambition to soothe his fragile ego??

(PS: Don’t come here with your feminist or anti-feminist mentality regarding this post. It’s about a particular kind of a man. The propositions may be relative to patriarchy but I did not point out at that. This advice is solely for alpha females who also love with whole of their being, so, kindly, do not come with the contention that love is adjustment and all. Those are different topics. I intended to write exactly about a very small fraction of possibilities.)

Thank you for reading. 🙂