I do differently..

They say “Date them all until one of them shows you he is serious”,

I say “Brozone them all until one of them shouts “I want to be your fucking husband !!”

*chaos versus clarity*

Crazy but it works 😜


*Old bollywood movies*

Mujhe hmaare pyaar ki nishaani chahiye (means:I want a kid as a symbol of our love)

*Le millenials

*Got the used condom framed and gifted it to their lover*


I just realized that just like my two brain cells my two strands of hair are growing.

Couch potatoes..😂🤣

Were we flirting??

Nah babez..We just became potatoes and mashed together unknowingly.


My man be dying to meet me until he knows I be already planning to kill him upon meeting.

Find the meaning..

Ballerinas could taste better,

If you were not already dead drunk.