Problem with good emotions.

My problem is that I may tell you that I love you and then would like to stay alone but when I would like to be with you I won’t even say a thing.

Some people cannot handle good emotions at first and I am one of them. It’s because they never or barely got to experience love. So, it feels over-whelming when they get to experience it.

Conspiracies or evidences?

Isn’t it weird that people believe in conspiracy theories more than evidenced facts?

It’s okay to be suspicious about everything but it’s not okay to not be suspicious about suspicions themselves.

Are you amongst those who believe what can be and not what is??

It is fine to like to explore more of the other sides, but it’s not okay to deny the side clearly visible in front of you.

If you don’t believe your eyes, you may tend to believe the lies, and then you cannot decipher what the truth is, but this assumption can also be untrue as the truth can be far away and different from senses and perception but still observations by the senses matter.

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