Love or lust born??

You can’t deny the fact that many of us are born out of lust only. 😜

Playful axioms..

Tapping random buttons on the neuron junctions,

The memories get lost on the neural-pathways when fantasy functions.


Don’t expect me to give you that you could never give me,

And it goes for even consistency..

Yeah.. Coming onto betrayal and lies,

that I still owe you.

Moreover, you want a coy servant,

Not a partner who can challenge you and your mind

Who can only praise you

And to your shortcomings, can forever stay blind.


If you are happy on somebody hating another,

You are stupid; (none of them has anything to do with you)

If you are jealous of somebody loving another,

You are weak; (one of them has definitely nothing to do with you)

If you are envious of somebody’s self-love,

You are an undiagnosed psychopath. (Nobody has anything to do with you)

Conspiracies or evidences?

Isn’t it weird that people believe in conspiracy theories more than evidenced facts?

It’s okay to be suspicious about everything but it’s not okay to not be suspicious about suspicions themselves.

Are you amongst those who believe what can be and not what is??

It is fine to like to explore more of the other sides, but it’s not okay to deny the side clearly visible in front of you.

If you don’t believe your eyes, you may tend to believe the lies, and then you cannot decipher what the truth is, but this assumption can also be untrue as the truth can be far away and different from senses and perception but still observations by the senses matter.

So shitty. 🤣

When you stop giving a shit,

You actually don’t feel the need to announce it.

All the very best.

You put too less of efforts to even catch my attention,

All the best for trying to be a part of my life,

And hats off to you for thinking you will get me

while just being dependent on loyalty displayed by me.

Blasting out.

Faking happiness to make others jealous??


Who needs to do that when they can burn with the truth??


Love never lies,

Love is not blind..

This is a blessing,

Only one of its kind.

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