Extra mess !!

I genuinely feel that if there were no extra energies, the alignments would have been much much easier; and that goes for literally everything.


And I can’t press upon this enough,

Some people really need to stop poking their nose in what’s going on in my life

Or in what’s going on in his life,

Even if you will manipulate a situation

To push him away from me

Towards somebody else..

Do you think you will get me in the end??

No !

Stop trying to fulfil your motives of breaking a connection that really exists.

Even a gap between him and I

Cannot fill a gap between me and you.

Extra public that has never been friendly otherwise.

How can you be happy on somebody’s heartbreak??

You think that love is a rat race??

If one is heart-broken from somebody else

You think you have gained that one by default??

Like one has to belong to one or the other

Rather than being for oneself during that halt,

Nobody needs your sympathy or applause,

Please meet a psychiatrist if you cannot understand this simple stance,

Rather than like this falling from grace.

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