QOTD-To Empaths.

I know you are empathetic and all but that’s the first reason why you should keep a good distance from toxic people. You have the tendency to soak in their bad energy and then you feel anxious about the mixed feelings you carry inside of you.


Empathy is not synonymous to love. When you see somebody vibing low, you will feel low. But it does not mean that it’s because of love. It’s just your nature. Stop soaking other people’s vibes.

Real n unreal.

Trying to create cues, signals, synchronicities etc. or trying to know or find them out on purpose by self (i.e. human intervention) or with the help of anyone else just puts you a few step away from the real connections and synchronicities. Some of us are too sensitive to vibes that we get when someone is trying to create signals n when universe is doing it for us. You may stay in your own mind and think that you can do so, but it never hits like the real vibe or signal in the gut like the one truly sent by the universe to us. Some empaths are really psychic and you have to make peace with it. Our psychic abilities may not work for a good amount of time due to brain fog or some unknown reasons, but when it does, we really know what’s happening and when we get to know the reality, it’s impossible to make us believe what is unreal or try to test what reality is. It just happens to us naturally. You may stay with your playing mind but it will play only you in the end. We are saved over and over again by the universe no matter how much human intervention is caused in our connection with the unknown.

It’s always better to let the universe talk to you naturally rather than trying to force things in knowing as well as making others know, you always get to know what you need to know at the right time. Do not confuse yourself.

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