How people see an intuitive person and what the reality is.

I am intuitive.” What does it mean when anybody says that they are intuitive? Many people assume that if somebody is intuitive naturally or psychic (though psychic is a different topic), then he/she must be knowing everything that is going on. No ! That’s far from the truth.

Strong intuition does not mean a movie playing in the back of one’s mind. If one says that it happens like this, then it probably is delusion. Strong intuition actually works like a Needle Poking in One’s Gut or A Thunder Hitting One’s Mind, that too very randomly. Most of the times, say 80-90% of the times, that person has no idea what’s going on around him/her, unless he/she is an empath also; because empaths can catch vibes pretty easily.

The moment somebody says that he/she is intuitive, some people (mostly the sensory types from the Myers-briggs personality typology) begin to test that person if he/she can get what they are doing. Here, I want to clear again that an intuitive person really doesn’t know what other people are doing unless those people have that person’s attention all the time or that one is in connection with oneself for a very long period of time or is connected to the universe intensely and deeply.

Those testing people give the intuitive person both good and bad vibes to see his/her reaction but they do not get that one can choose to react or not to react even though that person has got to know about something. Sometimes, when that person chooses not to react, then they give subtle hints by using words’ terminology or gestures that they normally use and about which that person is generally well-acquainted with. They do it for reasons known to themselves only but it has nothing to do with their “connection” with that intuitive person because in reality they make it very obvious for that person to know who is doing what, and which any normal person can acknowledge with some general observational skills. Whereas, some people test that person by hiding their behaviour in the best possible ways they can, which involves using fake accounts, taking help of other people, fake phone calls, to name a few. Reasons for that kind of behaviour can be both-good or/and bad, which depends from person to person. But it happens. And, there is nothing good or playful or funny or helpful in doing that because it wastes a lot of energy and causes hell lot of anxiety, stress and frustration to the intuitive type (saying this from my personal experience). Thus, people should learn how to behave and where to draw the line, even good intentions can end up in bad results.



“She will do anything to get you, I will do anything to see you happy” I say this to you in my mind a lot. An old wound inside of me has opened up so badly, I am feeling like being stabbed on it over and over again.

History is repeating itself. Somebody trying to snatch my love by hook or by crook and taking him away from me; me yelling, crying, and even dying. I, once knew mad love for which I tried to finish myself. I can’t even explain the feeling. It’s so intense. Though I can’t say you are mine, still I am more afraid than ever to lose you.

Why is it happening to me, daily I ask myself. What is life trying to teach me? I can’t talk about it to anyone, I really can’t explain and nobody can even understand and I don’t even want anyone to understand anything about me. I just want to know the why. Why the similar things are happening? Why a third person of similar nature has entered who can do almost anything to get you, and my trauma is attacking me from all the sides that that person will make you cut your all the ties with me in the future. It’s not my intuition, it’s actually my traumatic experience making me feel so afraid.

I feel perplexed a lot, still, I keep going with a smile on my face. I know I am a broken soul. But one thing is for sure, I’ll stand my ground no matter what; I’ll protect my self-respect no matter what; and I’ll choose letting go if I have to, no matter how hard it will be for me; and I’ll never try to get you no matter how much pain I’ll have to bear.

If I know my weakness, I know my strength too and this is what, I think, life is trying to teach me, that how I have to put back my pieces together alone, how to love selflessly, how to stay honest to myself, how to overcome my fears and how to heal my past traumas. I can’t show but I know.