Since childhood I tried to make people so comfortable that I did hide a lot of my potential and reality in which I was better than them in so many ways just so that nobody would be hurt by it or feel inferior. For example, whenever any new teacher asked about the top 3 toppers to stand up to be acknowledged I didn’t stand up despite staying in the TOP 2 positions for 7 years. I didn’t let anyone know about my family’s property. I didn’t let anyone know about my own income. I didn’t try to show off my looks. I didn’t tell anyone about all of my degrees at once. I didn’t try to make even my ex’s exes uncomfortable in any way n tried to even comfort them, and the list goes on.

Now, when I reveal things without attacking, people still feel attacked and their inferiority complexes start coming to the fore.

SPECIFIC MESSAGE FOR A SPECIFIC B**CH- “Not my problem.. There is still too much in store. Stop stalking if you feel bad or inferior because of what I am and what I bring to the table. It’s not my duty to comfort people who are jealous and compete with me for no reason.” AND YES, I am so confident quietly that it unnerves a few people just because of my aura, and trust me 95% of the times, I don’t even need to show or brag about my achievements for that. Egoistic people with inferiority complexes compete with me and they will keep doing so, but have you realised that I have stopped reacting to that now?? You know why?? Because I am pretty confident in myself and I know where I am going.

So, CUTTING THE CRAP without even saying usually (it’s been months).

I seriously cannot make every low IQ, low EQ, and Spiritually Blind person think that how good I am with people who are equally good to me and be aware of my inner light.

Aaaannddd, I knooow it gets lonely at the level I am at but people like you will stay in Your Envy and Your Shit At The Bottom Only With That Shitty Crowd! (Keep bragging about having FAKESHIT people by your side that I eliminated myself from my life. The way you are using people to boost your ego makes your level right BELOW MY FOOT. LOSER DUMBO.👎)

Anxiety can be a stuck energy in body. How to tackle with it? (Personal experience)

I want to tell you something about anxiety. Anxiety is stuck in my backbone like it’s my life force and I won’t deny that I have to make movements like a snake or twirk or get patted on my back to shirk off that energy, or I can’t live peacefully for even an hour. Either it acts up in holding me in a loop of doing everything too fast and then in eruption of cranky mood, or I can’t do anything because of it feeling paralysed with over-thinking.

Does anything new happens that creates anxiety?? Yes, sometimes. But sometimes, it’s our old energy stuck inside of us that demands release whereas sometimes, it’s our neural pattern that creates similar anxiety in similar situations we face in the present, and sometimes, it’s our thoughts for the future that invite that energy to the fore because we had suppressed those thoughts about the future in the past and now we have to face them.

So, what can we do about it??

1. MOVE: yeah..Move your body, baby. (😜) any way you can. Play, dance, exercise,etc.

2. WRITE/SPEAK: Write or speak whatever thoughts come to your mind. Just blurt them out. Journal/record audio. After some time, read or listen to them and analyse which thoughts are too repetitive and what are their reasons.

3. GET A MASSAGE: Get a good deep tissue massage to release all that tense energy from your body, so that you don’t have to move like a snake randomly while trying to sleep (😌).

4. HYDRATION/PROPER NUTRITION: Last but not the least, have enough of fluids intake. Eat less sugar and salt. Take your nutrition supplements. Eat balanced diet.

5. RELAX: I just mean DO. NOT. RUSH. about anything. Plan and act on it but do not rush feeling like nothing went right if one out of ten things that you planned to do within a specified time gets a little delayed (One of the main reasons of my anxiety 🙄). Don’t be a control freak even if you want to be the controller of your own life only.

6. LET YOURSELF HEAL: Generally, when you are healing from something (be it anything), anxiety acts up over and over again, no matter how much you have advanced in healing. It’s OK. Nothing is wrong with you, it’s quite normal. Give yourself time, healing is always a long journey, and do try to follow above-mentioned points.

Thank you for reading. ❤🙂

Law of attraction in summation.

You attract your own energy, nothing from the outside. If you do not know your worth, you attract people who consider you worthless. If you do not want something to work for you, you won’t get it. If you have some traits in your subconscious mind for a partner, every other kind of person will be repelled/removed from your life sooner or later. If you want to change yourself, you have to visualize that change in you. If you want to become something, you have to believe it in your whole being. That’s all law of attraction is. You attract your energy, your thoughts, your vibes, your aura to you.
Now, a few of you may think “I am a healer. Usually toxic people get attracted to me. I don’t think this is how law of attraction works. I never wanted that.”
My answer is your innate nature is that of a healer and toxic people need spiritual healing and your mind subconsciously desires somebody to heal, so, toxic people get attracted to you unknowingly. But you can save yourself by creating boundaries n by directing your energy to be more specific to heal yourself first or the innocent victims of toxic abusers or nobody at all particularly and by only teaching people how to heal themselves.