Mouths in business.

It’s amusing to know that I either am accepting of other peoples’ ways

or I simply don’t give a fuck,

But about all of my ways, behaviour and choices

Numerous mouths begin to quack like a dumb ass duck.



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Unhealthy relationships- Deal breakers.

Deal breakers in any relationship:

Trying to trigger insecurity.

Trying to make jealous.

Running away to someone else whenever it gets tough to stay.

Being unapologetic and unreasonable together for a single action.

Disrespecting over and over again.

Questioning and judging every action of other that goes against one’s advantageous position.


Dishonesty and disloyalty.

Degrading and provoking other despite one being faulty first.

Playing single despite being in a relationship.

Triangulation by comparing them with a third party.



Inconsistency for a long time; on and off many a times.

Blame-game by blaming them for things that one actually does to them and against them secretly.

Creating confusion in other’s mind to take advantage of the situation.

If any of these incidents happen more that twice, it’s that person’s personality and not a mistake. You need to cut off such person from your life. You do not need that kind of toxicity, in order to function properly. Let them be all that you don’t want in your life, and give upon the idea of changing them. Nothing can change somebody who is comfortable in doing something for a long period of time and if it results into your disavantage-physical, mental, emotional and/or social, then that person is a liability and a burden on you, and no amount of your love, respect, loyalty, honesty, free spirit, achievements or cooperation is going to change them. Please give up and live your life peacefully.

Stay away from fake helpers(psychopaths) in order to really heal.

If you really want to heal, do not let any psychopath from your past help you even a bit. Some of them just want to boost their ego by doing so and others want to get something from you again, specially when you have had an experience of their selfishness in the past in the same sequence. If you let it happen, then the burden is put on you that you did not pay back, and then you will find yourself in the same loop of taking and giving ration of 1:2 (or maybe more). It’s not in the blood of some people to help without expecting something in return. Manipulation begins by giving you crumbs first and then expecting the whole loaf in return which you cannot afford over n over again with the same people and left with nothing in the end. If you will be unable to return the favour or will give equally and yet not what they want from you in return, you will be called selfish; if you will return them well and stop giving at some point, they will call you selfish again or somebody having no integrity; whereas if you will deny to get any help, you will be called egoistic. In any situation, you will be blamed for anything you will do just to keep you tied to their little finger or to make you a doormat for their mental and emotional filth. Some of those bitches would love to see you suffer emotionally because of their own miserable mentality. Here, let me tell you, being called egoistic for cutting them off is much much better than going through the same manipulative loop, getting your energy drained completely, losing a lot of relationships, your ability to trust anyone, your mental and physical health, etc. You have to remember that this psychopathy(narcissistic disorder) has no cure. It’s better to kick those people out of your life rather than being manipulated immensely, just because you want to look like a good person. You will find some much better people in the future for sure who will match your level of honesty, loyalty and integrity.

Freedom of speech and expression is both public and personal to you.

It’s okay if you do not like to talk about social issues on social media all the time uselessly i.e. just whining and complaining about what’s going wrong and still being unable to do anything about how it can be corrected; also, it’s okay to do it. There is no thumb rule as to what you have to talk about and what not. You may be a chatterbox on social media and still like to stay alone without talking to anyone in real, or quiet and unrevealing on social media yet a very open-minded and open-hearted person in real. You may be deconstructing and strategizing, thinking about public issues minutely in your mind, yet not revealing a thing to anyone, or you may just be sharing what’s already given everywhere yet not going anywhere with it.

Just do what you feel like doing, you have been given right to freedom of speech and expression for a reason and nobody shall stop you directly or indirectly from using it.


Sound Advice.

Oh Boyy..

It’s okay if you go crazy after a couple of day over and over again. Your mental illness needs to be addressed. You do not need to fake anything just to look like the stable one. People have your back and you know that, right? You need to share everything wrong you did in the past with a psychotherapist because you or any of your friends may not be a professional, so, won’t be of much help to you. Also, avoid talking to a personally known therapist, you may again fake everything. It’s crucial to be authentic while releasing the past from the mind.

I have to write this here because you have been giving me hints of your craziness indirectly. Or you may talk directly to me about your issue if you do not want me to write here.

Harsh opinion based on reality about suicidal talks.

If you ask me straight up, those who keep on talking about suicide all the time, surely they are depressed, but also they seek attention and want to be overly cared for. Sorry to say this but this is the truth. Almost all of us go through worst events in life, some of us beyond imagination that we are even afraid to tell ourselves the truth about it, a few of us attempt to commit suicide without letting anyone know about it.

If somebody keeps on talking about depression n suicide, there is a big chance that they are suicidal and need a counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist, but there is also a 10-20% chance that they just want to manipulate others into getting more than what they deserve.

About that small chance, I may sound too rude or harsh to some of you but I have seen people doing that in real and when you tell them to jump from the rooftop, then they freak out from your reaction and don’t even dare to commit suicide, infact they call you arrogant.

Some just want to suck the life out of others, or take advantage of empaths and their caring nature. Sadly, the most emotional ones fall prey to this tactic.

But in either case, it’s a mental deformity, and rather than dealing with them yourself, either suggest or take them to a professional. You can barely do anything else in such instances personally.

Ground yourself.

You may be physically ill, mentally disturbed, emotionally low, dealing with a hell load of responsibilities at home and about career, not talking about them to anyone, for you know they are your responsibilities, yet you’ll find somebody thinking and ranting why did not you give them enough attention or didn’t care about their emotional mess or whatever..

“Darling, people have their own life, their own problems, which can be much more than yours, and which they are used to handling on their own. Stop acting like you are the centre of the universe. Learn reciprocity. Embrace understanding. Learn to give importance to others as well. Other people also have needs. “

Basic for good mental health. 💐

“Those who stay in their lane,

Stay sane.”

It’s that simple.

Vivid dreams. 💫

Pay close attention to your dreams

They might guide you through reality,

Nightmares or wonderful they may be

They may make cut you through life’s duality.