Sweet from the outside,

Poison in heart n mind..

Friendly n fake from the front

Envy n enmity in cues I find..

Experience against a psychopath.

If a psychopath has a crush on me, I am not the problem at all.

Psychopaths do have unattainable goals be it any person; it aggrandizes their fragile ego in case they succeed in getting that person and to get that high/reach that peak, they keep chasing that person hiding the agenda from everyone and even using their own so-called friends without even letting them know and those poor fellows innocently do everything on the whims of that psychopath.

I have strong intuition. Most of the times, as I have judged anyone, it has proved to be true with time and sometimes it has begun being obvious to others as well. So, definitely, my mind works really well, it’s only an envious psychopath who tries to twist things about n around me so that others find me as the problematic one.


Some people be always pushing you to see SOME ACTION from your side.

Tell me one thing if you are a FUCKING BORING ASSHOLE, does it mean that people are Puppets for your Entertainment?? You are so Incapable of Entertaining yourself?? Or you don’t have a life of your own that you want to poke your nasty nose in everyone’s business??


(PS: This is not for anyone whom I have met in the last 10 years.)

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