“Right in the middle of chaos,

When the eyes lose their dreams,

When the mind will be shattered,

When the soul will feel like flying away from your body,

When the blood will be cold,

When the sun will feel eclipsed,

When the winds will turn into storms,

When the hills will be melting,

When there will be no hope,

I’ll meet you there”, he said,

The one who wants to hold me tight,

And wants to win for me any fight,

with that selfless love,

My imaginary lover;

My darkness would haunt me with these thoughts

The thoughts of my past..

With a hope in my heart

To find hope and love in someone else forever.

There is no mess, storm and darkness,

My blood is free flowing,

My soul is pure,

I am my own cure,

My mind full of light and existence glowing;

I am glad that I found my love,

Within me, for me, forever. ❤

Some thoughts on love..

When you finally let go of the wrong person (wrong and right can change with circumstances and totally depends on your needs, their behaviour and you perception), unloving feels better than love.

Love is meant to raise your vibe. It is the highest and purest form of energy that is meant to heal you and improve you, not the one to bring your vibe very low, to the point of pettiness.

If somebody can switch between two or more people, that person has never loved any of them. That person is just interested in those people’s interest in him/her. Superiority complex creates this kind of interest.

Loving unconditionally is beautiful but love only a good person that way and who at least respects you enough not to put his/her ego above you.

Love frees you. When you love yourself enough, you don’t like to be bound in a love for someone else, if someone else cannot let you live freely mentally. When you are always afraid of losing somebody, you are not only bound but encaged in your bubble of fear of losing that person.

“Let it all go, see what stays.” This quote is beautiful. Don’t misuse this quote. Do not expect somebody to stay when you rob them of their mental peace and intend them to actually go.


Enough of blaming,

I just gave you what you wanted,

Letting you go.

If you wanted a different story,

You would have let me know.

There was no confusion

or malice in my mind

regarding you and our situation,

But you did make it confusing,

Acting double minded about it

You could not speak up

So, I did it for you

I don’t know if you wanted me or not,

But I am letting you go.

Don’t blame me for this,

Don’t think that you will just even the score,

I have never cheated

Physical or emotional,

Your mind was going in different directions,

You could not decide which one you wanted to go for,

So, I am letting you go,

Because I could not tolerate that anymore.

I hope when you look back,

You look at it with clear vision,

That I ‘had to’ go,

Because you wanted me to,

You could stop me if you wanted me to,

You could stay close if you wanted me to,

But you decided to let me go,

You decided to give more importance to ego,

So, I had to let you go.


Not afraid anymore,

About judgements,

About reputation,

About feeling too much,

About being feelingless,

About accepting and telling my truth,

About disappointing those who deserve to be disappointed,

About misunderstandings,

About my future,

About my telling my traumas,

About healing,

About failing,

About my weaknesses,

About showing my strength,

About standing up for myself,

About putting myself first,

About letting people go,

About throwing off negativity to its source,

About people,

About doing whatever the fuck I want to do,

Not Afraid Anymore.


Karma said, “I take your intentions and actions, together as well as separately. I take my time. I notice you doing everything, thinking everything. I am neither negative, nor positive. Some people relate my name to a punishment. But I am much better than that. While I have given the worst punishments, I have also given great rewards; I give you what you deserve. You may forget what you do but I will make you realize what you did when the time will be right. Nobody praying for anything to go for or against anyone else in the name of Karma is going to get their desires fulfilled just because they prayed that way, infact I will consider their prayers as their intentions and will put the same kind of vibe in their life, so that they can understand what they did. The person prayed about will get only what they put efforts or thoughts for. I make everyone realize everything and it’s upto them to take the lesson or not. When they learn something from me and let go of the desire to fight against it, I move to other lessons. The thinkers, the doers, in every sense, have to get back what they give to the universe. Even when you die, your soul will get everything back in the future lives. Choose to live wisely. There is no escape from me. Generally, I am neutral, don’t be afraid of me, be afraid of yourself and your deeds, or do everything good and right for yourself and others to love me and yourself.”


Weak people cannot handle criticism. They will do something wrong and then put all the burden on someone, to be positive about oneself or the situation or about them.

“No, not fair. You deserve the negativity to come back to you what you gave to others. You deserve the punishment for everything you did wrong. You deserve that criticism. You reap what you sow, sooner or later. Don’t sing the happy songs of positivity when everything is going right for you, while if events or people become unfavourable to you, you are always the one showing all the negativity and passive aggressiveness. If you cannot give equally, you have no right to take also. Things should have been made very clear right from the beginning rather than running away when you have nothing else to get out of a situation. No, it’s not only blaming. It is what one has gone through and felt. If somebody is ignorant enough not to know one’s faults, then it’s not a problem for the other one who can see them and not the responsibility of the other to keep you in high regards despite you not maintaining the same level. When the situation was positive, and balanced, it was being regarded in the same manner. If someone is talking negatively in certain negative situations, it doesn’t mean that they are negative, they are actually just realistic, which a weak person can never tolerate. This, in fact, is also a form of manipulation i.e. to turn the tables on the other person about the consequences of what you have done. Nope ! Not fair.” 😊

Different need..

They say ‘make your pain your strength’,

This is such a mediocre advice,

Show me what to do exactly,

If you have ever gone through all that

only then I can consider you that wise.

Rumblings of my mind have shut down,

I need something mature,

A food for my soul,

Not for my mind,

For my mind is working well,

It’s my soul that needs the cure.

Motivational speech can be given enough

When your life has not been that rough.

I know strength,

Of a level you can’t think of,

Endured through every loss, malice and spite,

I still have it in me,

But how the things are unfolding

Upon that I don’t even want to fight.

I have come to the stage

Where I am stuck,

But there is no going back;

Something has died in me,

Everything is now stark black.


Silence is not the answer to anything,

Nor are the words enough to explain.

Shards of glass ingressed deep in my soul,

You can think but can’t understand that pain.

Dark night I can feel in my mind,

Cold, frosty and foggy,

Misunderstood one feels it when,

One’s important relations are groggy.

I pick myself up every morning,

Once again you got a chance to live, I say,

Some mindfully,

others mindlessly I do things the whole day.

It’s the night that eats me up,

When the clock’s ticking becomes my music,

I think and feel and feel and think,

Till the night turns into a new day.

How many hours do I have to waste like this??

I ask myself and get no reply,

Some things are really out of control,

And I don’t know the ‘why’.

Why do I open a closed door,

Why do I care,

Why can’t I love myself enough,

I want to, I swear.

A few quotes by me.. On love..

Never let ego win over your self-respect, be it your own or that of anybody else.

If you have to prove your feelings or regard towards somebody every time and they can’t feel it or don’t feel the same way, then keep your feelings to yourself, you never have to prove something that can be felt.

If you can pick yourself up then, you can do it again..And every next time. If people can’t change their ways, you can.

If they are just finding excuses to move away, don’t give them any, rather you choose to move away and make it easier for them.

Love stays. It does not know games. If somebody can play with your emotions, just to make you feel ‘your emotions’ strongly, they are just players, never lovers.

You don’t have to feel low to make somebody feel high about themselves; if you have to do that, you should think about your choices.

If ‘You Moved On First’ is their excuse to move on so easily, they were just finding an excuse to move forward when they know how much you waited for things to settle down between you two.

They think. You feel. But when you think, they think that you have no feelings.

Life is not about who loves more. Life is more about who loves truly.

There is not only true love or fake love. There is obssessive love, possessive love, balanced love, unconditional love, friendly cute love, karmic love, which you can feel for different people at different times but you have to choose your Forever Kind Of Love.

When you lose your love, it feels like hell but you have been dancing there for so long by now that you stop even thinking about heaven.

Moving on has nothing to do with unloving somebody. Some people stay just in case it can work. Some move on because a relationship won’t work and some stay confused with different anticipations.

If they have decided to lower their level of importance for you in their life, you should not maintain your level about them in your life. You will just hurt yourself a little more.

If it was meant to be, it would have happened. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Don’t look upon somebody so much that they begin to look down upon you.

They just want to put all the burden on you, that you ended it. They will never go into the reasons they created because of which you considered ending it.

Your problem is that you let out your heart and love to anyone who doesn’t appreciate it and then you even tell them about it honestly. They actually like those who can play with them.

If they compare who hurts more with their absence. They don’t know the meaning of love. Pain is never synonymous to love. Love is something very positive.

Love is easy. It’s really easy when it’s real from both the sides.

Healing is not easy..

Healing is not easy, moving on is not easy. Your feelings can hit you anytime like a bull hitting you with his horns all out of a sudden. You feel drained again. You feel like fainting, like life should not exist anymore. You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t even feel like thinking about it anymore but you realize a void suddenly. But it’s okay. You have gone through it before. You can pass through it once again. No darkness can exist for long when you have the capability to shine from within. Just like plants take time to grow, self-love requires time to heal those wounds; you have sown the seeds and are watering them daily, that’s enough for now. You don’t need to see the results right away. You just have to keep going, staying strong.