Silence is not the answer to anything,

Nor are the words enough to explain.

Shards of glass ingressed deep in my soul,

You can think but can’t understand that pain.

Dark night I can feel in my mind,

Cold, frosty and foggy,

Misunderstood one feels it when,

One’s important relations are groggy.

I pick myself up every morning,

Once again you got a chance to live, I say,

Some mindfully,

others mindlessly I do things the whole day.

It’s the night that eats me up,

When the clock’s ticking becomes my music,

I think and feel and feel and think,

Till the night turns into a new day.

How many hours do I have to waste like this??

I ask myself and get no reply,

Some things are really out of control,

And I don’t know the ‘why’.

Why do I open a closed door,

Why do I care,

Why can’t I love myself enough,

I want to, I swear.

A few quotes by me.. On love..

Never let ego win over your self-respect, be it your own or that of anybody else.

If you have to prove your feelings or regard towards somebody every time and they can’t feel it or don’t feel the same way, then keep your feelings to yourself, you never have to prove something that can be felt.

If you can pick yourself up then, you can do it again..And every next time. If people can’t change their ways, you can.

If they are just finding excuses to move away, don’t give them any, rather you choose to move away and make it easier for them.

Love stays. It does not know games. If somebody can play with your emotions, just to make you feel ‘your emotions’ strongly, they are just players, never lovers.

You don’t have to feel low to make somebody feel high about themselves; if you have to do that, you should think about your choices.

If ‘You Moved On First’ is their excuse to move on so easily, they were just finding an excuse to move forward when they know how much you waited for things to settle down between you two.

They think. You feel. But when you think, they think that you have no feelings.

Life is not about who loves more. Life is more about who loves truly.

There is not only true love or fake love. There is obssessive love, possessive love, balanced love, unconditional love, friendly cute love, karmic love, which you can feel for different people at different times but you have to choose your Forever Kind Of Love.

When you lose your love, it feels like hell but you have been dancing there for so long by now that you stop even thinking about heaven.

Moving on has nothing to do with unloving somebody. Some people stay just in case it can work. Some move on because a relationship won’t work and some stay confused with different anticipations.

If they have decided to lower their level of importance for you in their life, you should not maintain your level about them in your life. You will just hurt yourself a little more.

If it was meant to be, it would have happened. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Don’t look upon somebody so much that they begin to look down upon you.

They just want to put all the burden on you, that you ended it. They will never go into the reasons they created because of which you considered ending it.

Your problem is that you let out your heart and love to anyone who doesn’t appreciate it and then you even tell them about it honestly. They actually like those who can play with them.

If they compare who hurts more with their absence. They don’t know the meaning of love. Pain is never synonymous to love. Love is something very positive.

Love is easy. It’s really easy when it’s real from both the sides.

Healing is not easy..

Healing is not easy, moving on is not easy. Your feelings can hit you anytime like a bull hitting you with his horns all out of a sudden. You feel drained again. You feel like fainting, like life should not exist anymore. You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t even feel like thinking about it anymore but you realize a void suddenly. But it’s okay. You have gone through it before. You can pass through it once again. No darkness can exist for long when you have the capability to shine from within. Just like plants take time to grow, self-love requires time to heal those wounds; you have sown the seeds and are watering them daily, that’s enough for now. You don’t need to see the results right away. You just have to keep going, staying strong.


The moon bestowed so much beauty to your darkness,
that the sun got burned with jealousy.

I feel so lucky to know you,
I feel I am living only to write about you.

Your eyes make think of the sky,
Far reaching,
Endless beauty.

Just for once
say that you want me,
I promise,
I’ll leave my own body
if I will have to
For you.

Your love has no beginning,
My love has no end.

I am just fearful that
somebody might be praying
to be with you
more than me.

I am terrified with how much selfless I have become
after falling in love with you,
I am dying each moment
just to see you lively.

I don’t know what twin flame feels like,
but I have never felt before like it feels with you.

If you have planned to leave me,
Promise me
That you will be mine after our reincarnation into the next birth,
and every other birth,
as birds of same feather,
as wolves of the wild,
as shoots of the same roots,
as humans bearing the same child.

I know you were also into me,
maybe not as much as I was,
I know we felt a lot together,
maybe not for ever it was.

When I was in awe of you,
I was in reality in awe of me;
how could I find somebody so lovable,
by loving you I was loving me.

It’s strange that I have become so tolerant with you,
the things I would have thrown out of my life,
the kind of people I could never deal with,
you showed me the same kind of vibe,
I still could not let you go out of my life.

Love is not blind,
It’s our mind that plays the tricks,
seeing the devil playing its cards,
we begin playing with it.

I can’t fall weak,
I have the love
for both of us.

I wish we met a little younger,
maybe the stars would have broken in a different way
and we could end up together
in a beautiful way.

Those who say it’s easy to move on from somebody,
They definitely haven’t met you,
and they undoubtedly haven’t loved like I love you.

Her first and last wish must be to be with you,
Mine is to see you happy,
So unfortunate of me,
your happiness doesn’t reside with me.

If they can create a competition in love,
I hope you choose to lose,
for who would like to win
is not a true lover.

Let’s seek love like the ultimate truth,
once you get to know it
you’ll feel like even your existence is a lie;
Nothing is above and beyond true love.

The first time we met I was afraid
how important you could be to me,
I could see the potential
like something in you was calling to me,
something unknown,
something different,
The second time we met I was afraid no more,
I surrendered to it,
and ever since,
I haven’t found an escape.

No matter what you do to me,
You are somebody I can never call unworthy of love,
In you I see myself,
I can’t love myself enough,
But I can love me,
through you.

Till the end of time,
If I ever have to choose between my love and your happiness,
I will choose your happiness without a doubt.

I have loved before you also,
But never like this.

You call yourself weird,
I find you so easy to understand.

I distanced myself so that you could live better,
I felt like I was being your cage,
our friendship was fettering your spirit,
this distance will set you free
making you run far away from me,
with joy you will squeal,
and even with tears in my eyes
that will be the prettiest sight for me.

I will break into a zillion pieces to keep you whole,
If I can’t do that for thee,
then this love was never meant to be.

Passion never turned into obssession,
Feelings never became chains,
You never became a possession,
This relationship never got measured with gains.

You found out all about me
just to leave me.
Was I that bad or that good?

I wish that the stars break at least once for me,
For me to be one with you,
And this time I will choose that moment to continue forever.

You and I are imperfectly perfect together.

I know you love me
Not as much as I love you
But I know you love me too.

The time our lips met
I felt all of my older wounds healing
You were not only the balm to my wounded soul
You were much much more
You were that elixir that I was yearning for for years.

I did not give up on you,
I was seeing if you would.

You made me feel so free,
that I got bound with you
in that freedom.


You ignore many things,

To achieve that one feather in the hat.

Did you look at other pieces of your clothing?

Subtly getting worn out n dirty

And the limbs being muddy

Lying somewhere like a lifeless mat.

Your collar should be white

Belt should be tight

Shoes shining bright

Pocket open and full

Where collar gets dirty, you lose respect,

Where belt gets loose, you jeoparize your health,

Where shoes become worn out, you lower your status n class,

Where the pocket is shrunk, you are not handling well your wealth.

That hat will get that feather

Every fibre of it takes time to grow,

That hat will be on your head,

Even after that you have to humbly bow.


Hither and thither

Placing anything anywhere

Sprinkling sparkles on the ashes of what’s ruined

They think that they have achieved a blissful state

‘The bliss of ignorance.’

Digging deeper into what is unknown

Bolting the door shut to external screams

The peace that was always within me

I have found that bliss

‘The bliss of peace.’


Don’t go back to your old ways,

Try to get out of that mud,

There is love and light for you to grow,

You are still an about to bloom bud,

Hands folded, head held high,

You have to forget your heart’s cry,

When something and someone is pure,

It is rewarded for sure,

Let the times be obscure,

You have to hear past the tumultous,

The sound of nature,

It bestows the real things the strength to endure;

Even if your heart is breaking into a zillion pieces,

Just let the rivers of pain flow,

Because days and nights keep shifting,

But always after the darkness,

We feel the sunrise’s glow.

Twin-flames love feels right..

We are so similar in many ways,

We can’t hurt the good ones, sometimes even the bad get the good side,

but won’t mind hurting anyone by hitting them with the truth or be distant to protect our sanity,

We have our reasons that we keep from the world,

We hide our emotions, emotions run deep but logic rules behaviour to stay away from others’ insanity,

Affectionate with the right ones, self-respect on top,

I show my sensibility to the whole world, hide my childlike nature,

You show your childlike nature to the world, hide your sensible nature,

We say what we mean and mean what we say,

straight to the point,

no mind games,

Wild at heart, mind dark and twisted,

Persona full of spark with the right ones and trusted,

Passion, anger, lust and love, the similar kind,

And that thirst for knowledge,

Must have been called wierdos by many

Who couldn’t understand,

Wanderers, unaware and not afraid of the uncertain,

Neither liking to control others, nor wanna be chained,

We just show and hide our natures differently,

Still too similar,

I think this is what is Twin Flames named.

That connection was not wrong,

That bond being natural thus right,

We are sentimental,

For understanding each-other we don’t have to fight.

I don’t care if the future is dark or bright,

I will still love you without expectations

Because I know this love is right.


Neither hopeful about something nor hopeless, you just have to make peace with what is. Situations might and will change in the future but you cannot take the present for granted. What exists now is real, everything else is your thought. Once you commit to improve your present, be positive, love yourself, love your life the way it is, everything good begins to get attracted to you. But it does not mean that only desirable events will happen, even negative and bad experiences will add to your life. Being positive does not mean that you can have or attract nothing negative in life once you choose to be positive, it just means that whatever will happen you will accept and handle it. You don’t feel lost when you live in reality. You know anything and everything takes efforts and yet the results are neither guaranteed nor parmanent, you can just have a plan in your mind and work towards it. Yin and yang is the law of nature, i.e. two contradicting forces always co-exist, thus any situation has both the sides to it, it all depends on your psyche how you see it particularly and that’s where your mindset comes into play. Moreover, there is always an invisible side to everything, that’s the force that keeps every kind of energy moving; although you may take something as positive or negative but that kinetic force is the one that keeps on changing the dynamics between any two sides of anything, be it separating those forces or uniting them. Your mind is definitely the most powerful thing and can control that dynamic or prove to be that third force but sometimes you really have to bring that energy to stillness, and stop thinking about it too much because if you won’t stop trying to control your future, then your future will begin to control your mind in the present. So, try to observe stillness of mind. It helps a lot in chaos. Stillness of mind does not mean making it numb, being unable to think through things straight, it actually means thinking straight about what is, and not about what can be and what should be. Some people specifically meditate for it, but according to me, it’s all about your level of understanding and perception. It also enhances your level of self-control and vice-versa.

Afraid to go back to past..

The only thing about which I am afraid is going back to anybody from my past. I should not be afraid because people change or mostly we don’t know the other side of the story but really I have my reasons and I am more interested in present and future and don’t want to indulge with anyone from my past. I am just done with those who intentionally or unintentionally did hurt me, I felt hurt a lot, and as I cannot undo that, I cannot forgive and even if I have forgiven I cannot let anyone from my past to come back in my life. I would rather prefer staying alone forever than being with any of them, no matter how much they have grown or have become better. I just know that I have loved the right person, it does not matter what the future will be, I am trying to be at peace with my life; I am trying to still my mind and improve all the realms of my life. Whom I have left have had either been selfish with me, or manipulated me or misunderstood me badly and even if any of them can change that, I don’t want that person in my life. Even the thought makes me feel suffocated and there is nothing like hatred in that. I don’t change my mind with every upcoming event. I observe many events and fix myself on a decision forever. Moreover, when ones feelings and logic, both do not allow one to do something, nothing and nobody can and should try to change that.