If they cannot reciprocate,

They begin to devalue and disrespect other’s feelings,

Such a strong virtue in weak people.

Such forgetfulness..

What they always forget is

Ego is the easiest thing to break

Perfection is the easiest thing to fake


Excuses are the easiest thing to make.

Dancing demons..

Describing your wounds will irritate the hell out of them,

Because their demons have been dancing in it forever

Blind and Deaf.

They lose it..

They leave everyone when they (people) care for them,

Till the time nobody does.

Being cared for is a fucking treasure,

They lose it all in a buzz.

Personal blog on Why I don’t go with the flow.

Why don’t I only observe where the other person goes and just go with the flow??

1. I do observe. I have observed a lot more than anyone can imagine and by the time other people think that I need to start observing, I have already observed enough and even concluded what’s happening and what would happen. I am not only intuitive psychically, I observe patterns much better than that.

2. If I will only keep on observing, then I will give my power to the other person to take the decision for me.

3. When I have concluded something based on observation and intuition and I am still not taking action based on that, both of them will prove to be futile; and I will always take the right action based on my principles, not based on what other people try to show me on surface level. I am almost immune to manipulation of any kind.

4. I want to save the other person and myself from wasting time and energy and just want to come to the point and set things straight for the future. I am mostly future oriented.

5. I don’t like to go with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow. And I think that the universe has created me like this for a reason, and the reason can be to create the flow for myself and others. If everyone will be indecisive and keep on thinking about going with the flow, then even the universe will lose its mind (😂) that nobody does anything on their own. If I can do something, why would I put it in other people’s hands?

You think that I don’t feel,

I don’t show because you can’t bear that.

Cheezy-breezy is not my stuff

I know only intense feelings

That you are not good at.

Who cares?

You’d say you care,

I’d say I don’t,

Still when the reality hit the thought,

I’d care

And you won’t.

Too much, too less??

Maybe I was ‘too much’ and ‘too less’ for you,

Too much of love, strength and intensity

Too less of worldly mediocre normalcy.

You can’t feel my depth,

Because for that you will have to drown.

The reasons..

My tears are not only for your love,

They are also for how wrong you are,

For whatever I offered to you,

You proved yourself just another scar.

It could have been better

But you got pleasure

Only in having me wetter.

Just in case, the tables had been turned

What would you have thought??

I can’t infer anything else than

In your mind, the same way you’d have fought.